Saturday, December 06, 2008

Blue Christmas

So today was a pretty sweet day! I woke up and went to Sam's to pick up supplies for church. I wanted to go early because I still had to change the sign before the weather got too bad. I got finished at Sam's and headed to get my hair trimmed. While I was there, the girl told me about some extensions they had gotten in stock and she said, "I thought of you when I saw them." So I bought into it and got one. I knew I would be wearing blue tomorrow for the Christmas music service, so I chose a blue one. was buy two get one free, so I went ahead and got a red one and a dark blonde one. When I got home my parents saw it. Mom didn't seem to mind it that much, but my daddy didn't like it at all. He said, "why blue? Are you having a blue Christmas?" I told him that I may just have a blue Christmas...

Tonight, I wore my outfit that my sister Leah got me to sing at the Historical Christmas walk that our church participates in each year. My pastor didn't seem to have a problem, but his daugther was funny. She said, "why do you have blue in your hair?" I didn't really answer it, and she said, "I mean, you're at church and all." I told her, "If I can't wear blue in my hair in front of Jesus I shouldn't be wearing it at all."

Most of the people seem to like it. I felt really good when the girl at McDonald's complimented me this morning. I knew the day was going to be a good day. LOL!!!

I'm really excited about tomorrow's night Christmas music service. I have asked a few people to come. I don't know if they will make it or not, but I really hope they will. I know they would enjoy it if they come.

It has snowed here. Not a lot on the ground, but enough to make the roads rough. My friend Kat ran her car into the ditch today. She's okay and she got the car out. I saw a car in the ditch on the way home this early afternoon. I only had trouble twice while driving today. It's just something we need to be cautious when doing.

Well...that's all for now...until next time...

- "Blue Christmas" recorded by David Phelps from the "One Wintery Night" CD, released, 2007
BTW...when I write these blogs, the song & artist listed at the bottom is usually the one that I'm actually listening to at the time.

A quick thought about this song. When I went to see David Phelps last year, he got ready to sing this song and he started "I'll have a blue..." He sings that part without music, and when he hits the word blue, the guitar part begins. Well...that night Quentin was having trouble with his guitar, and David begins, "I'll have a blue..." no guitar. I can't remember how many times he started, or if Q had gotten it fixed for the second time to begin. It was quite the concert moment. Those are the best moments during concerts...when things go weird and mess up a little bit. Keeps the person who's doing it...humble and realizing they are not "perfect."

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