Sunday, December 14, 2008

Glory To God

I think my all-time favorite Christmas CD is a toss up between two. The first is "The Child of the Promise" which was written by Stormie & Michael Omartian. Stormie is the woman who wrote "The Power of a Praying Wife" and other "power of praying..." books. Her husband is an incredibly talented music writer as well as producer.

The second CD is "Do You See What I See?" by Todd Agnew. Now the difference in these CD's is why I can't choose which one of them as my favorite. I think for the next few weeks until Christmas I'd like to highlight songs from both of these CD's. Mainly because of the messages that I've had the priviledge of hearing for the past few weeks. This morning I posted a blog featuring one of the songs from Todd's CD...The one the Magi sing in his release. Tonight, I was thinking about the angels and the priviledge they had of proclaiming the gospel ... the news of the birth to the shepherds.

Imagine the activity in Heaven before the birth. This morning my friend Kat sang "Joy! Joy!" by David Phelps...this song describes that activity...of how Jesus took off his crown and laying it down, said, "Father thy will be done." The angels were probably all excited to be apart of this proclaimation...think about it...they knew who Jesus was...they knew how special this night was. And here they were waiting to be apart of it.

Todd does a great job at showing the excitement...One of the angels is setting the stage of what Jesus is doing that night, asking "Do they not realize what is about to happen?" He begins to ask the head angel "Can we sing yet? Can we shout yet?" Finally he gets the cue to start the singing..."Glory...Glory to God...Glory in the highest..."

When I was little, I don't think I had ever thought about the angels and their proclaimation in the account of Jesus' birth. Yes, I knew they were there, and I knew they said, "fear not" because the shepherds would be afraid, but they began singing...shouting... about this wonderful birth. Oh to be apart of that angelic host...To be able to shout the joyful news of the redeemer of all mankind.

Until next time...

"Glory to God" sang by Anthony Evans from the CD "Do You See What I See?" by Todd Agnew released 2006

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