Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Believe...

I believe...this was a very difficult and crazy evening. We had the dress rehearsal for the Children's Christmas program for next week. I ran sound during the rehearsal, but we had an issue that we had to bring the "big guns"...aka Ben to help.

I believe...I'm going to possibly go crazy before the weekend. There is just TOO much to do and TOO little time. You may be wondering...if there is "TOO much to do and TOO little time" why is this blog being written? My answer...this helps me unwind...get my thoughts keeps me sane. LOL!!! Tomorrow night, I would rather be going to the Casting Crowns concert in Charleston, but I'll be cleaning the fellowship hall and upstairs area. I think the ladies will be decorating for the dinner on Friday night, so I want to get the area ready for them to decorate. Friday, I hope to finish Christmas shopping and getting the stuff wrapped for our friends gift exchange. Saturday, I have to be at the church at 11:00 for practice, so I think I'm going to go earlier to get the sanctuary straightened up, and help Kat get the turkey ready. We will be baking the turkey during our Christmas play practice that day. Saturday night is our Christmas dinner, then we will be heading to Kat's house for our gift exchange. YEAH!!!

I believe...I'm going to be very nervous next week for the children's Christmas program, the Christmas play and the Christmas cantata...all next week.

I believe...the reason I do all this crazy jam packed month is because Jesus came to earth as a grow up a man, and take my place for the sin payment.

I believe...the wiseman saw the baby boy the angel called the son of God. Heaven's child, the great I Am, born to take away my sin through nail pierced hands.

I a cross.

I believe...He came for one He came for all. Heaven's child, became a man, who gave His life for spite of all I am...

I Jesus.

"I Believe" recorded by Natalie Grant from the release "Believe" CD, released 2005

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