Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Just Want to See Santa Claus

It has been a wonderful and eventful morning. The boys (my sister's boys) were hilarious this morning. They woke up at 6:30 this morning. We headed to the living room to take pictures and open presents. Santa brought the boys Nerf guns. They are really cool...not like the ones we had when we were little.

The boys got a "Guitar Hero" too...but it was covered with a blanket. It was funny because about 5 hours after they opened their presents, Brock uncovered the "Guitar Hero" and said, "Nicholas, look at the Guitar Hero." Nicholas asked, "what about a guitar Hero?" I was looking at Leah trying to get her attention so she could see the look on their faces. They are now putting it together and getting it ready to play. How cool is this Christmas!!

I got some really nice clothes. Two pairs of jeans, and two sweaters, a jacket and a shirt. I love them all. I can't wait to wear all of them.

One of the funny things that happened this morning...was when Pepaw made the statement "Jacob, there really is a Santa Claus!" and Jacob replied with "Pepaw, everyone knows there's a Santa Claus." It was so cute!

Another GREAT thing that happened today. I ordered my sister a shirt from the David Phelps website...and I wasn't sure w"Ihen it would get here. Leah was on the phone and went outside, and saw a box addressed to me, and I said, "open it." It was her shirt I had ordered. I was so glad that it came today. I will try to get a picture and post it later today of us in our shirts.

Well...I need to close for now. Daddy is wanting the jumble, and I need to help him get it.

"I Just Want to See Santa Claus" from the recording "One Wintery Night" by David Phelps released 2007.

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