Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kiss Me At Midnight

I'm really excited about the New Year's Eve celebration. I'm going to be spending the evening with family. It's unusual to do so because I usually don't have any family visiting in December. I will miss hanging with my friends, but they understand since I do have family in town.

I will again be celebrating New Year's eve without a special guy friend. Oh well...I should be getting used to it...I think I have only dated a few times during this "holiday" and most of the guys were away during that time. LOL!!!

This week has been pretty busy. I was hoping once Christmas had past I would be able to slow down. Maybe once the New Year begins I should be able to slow down some. We'll see I guess.

We had our final performance for the Christmas play on Sunday, December 21st. It was good to get it over...we still missed some lines, but it was still good. I had several family members there. I was able to have two of my sisters their families and my parents. I'm really glad I had a "cheering" section.

That's about all for now. Until next time...
"Kiss Me At Midnight" by N'Sync from the recording "Home For Christmas" released 1998

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