Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lamb of God

I think I have finally decided what I'm going to sing for the Christmas music service this Sunday night. With my cold/whatever it may be...I have to be careful about which song I choose.

Right now, I have chosen "Lamb of God" by Nicole C. Mullen. I have been singing over it a few times, and I think as long as I can get the mucus situation under control I should be able to sing that one. The first time I ran through it though was a little rough. I ask for your prayers that God will tough this health situation I'm facing and allow for a miracle the two nights I need to sing this weekend. I've seen Him show up in the past and totally be my voice, so I believe He can do it again.

So...I'm really getting into Facebook. I think it's because my phone has the software to update throughout the day. With myspace, I have trouble updating from my phone. I can do it, but it doesn't run as well on my phone as Facebook does. Plus my sister really likes Facebook and we are trying to get our siblings to have Facebook pages and we can update and stuff.

Today was a pretty long day. I had to work until 5:00 then run to Wal-mart to pick up vitamins and stuff that I was out of...I had five bottles of different vitamins...I felt like a walking pharmacy. One of the agents was telling me what all I needed to take to get rid of this cold. I went for just the Vitamin C he suggested. That was after talking to my mom too.

After Wal-mart I went to clean part of the church. This is the first week I was able to clean on Thursday again. I like cleaning on Thursdays because I can split the church into two sections and work on detail cleaning. Tonight was getting the dust off the doors and floors in the fellowship hall and hallway. I still have to work on the back side door inside to get the dust off the top area. I couldn't reach it from the floor, so I'll bring the laddar out tomorrow night. I also hope to be able to work on the sanctuary. I want to be sure it's ready for our Christmas walk on Saturday night. I have to work on getting the lights on the fence outside the church too. I'm praying Saturday will be a better day than they are expecting. I may be doing it in the snow, but I don't want to do it in the dark at night...and Friday is the only other day to do it.

On Saturday morning I also have to go to Sam's to get some supplies for the church. I think I'll pretty much be at the church most of the day. I'll come home to shower and get ready for the Christmas walk that night.

Sometime this weekend, I also have to work on getting the songs written onto cardboard for the kids program. I don't know if Mary will be feeling well enough to help with them...hopefully she will and it won't take too long to do.

Until next time...

- "Lamb of God" recorded by Nicole C. Mullen from the release "Christmas in Black and White" released 2002.

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