Monday, December 08, 2008

Light Your World

This Sunday was a very special day for me. It was a long one, but it was a really good day. It began with snow on the ground, which meant I had to make sure to leave earlier than I usually do to be sure to have the church opened in time for Linda to do the bulletin. That morning, we began in Sunday school class, with our lesson on grace. After Sunday school, we began our morning worship service. Pastor spoke on Jesus being the Light of the World. He talked about how special even a little light is in a dark place. Think about being in a cave without any can't see your hand in front of your face type turn on a small flashlight, or light a candle. How does that light feel to you? Now think about Jesus being our this darken world. What a blessed thought that is! I began to think about a song that I sing during Christmas time...or even during a missions emphasis week entitled "Light Your World." This song was recorded by Newsong from their "Christmas Shoes" CD. The message in the verse describes a lady down the street from this little boy. The lady is alone, her husband is dead, she may not have any family near, she's all alone. The second verse talks about a knock on the door breaks that silence. She looks out the window and see this little boy with flowers in his a little gentleman. He brought her flowers and asks if he can stay awhile. The verse states:

Light your world
Let the love of God shine through
In the little things you do

Light your world
And though your light may be
Reaching only two or three
Light your world...

That your world...reaching out to touch just two or three others...and they take that light two or three. Think about how many people we can begin to impact with our little light. This thought reminds me of the movie "Pay It Forward." A movie about a middle school child challenged in a social studies class to think of a project to change the world. He thought of the "pay it forward". The impact he made in the movie was had reached across the country.

I love the little children's song "This little light of mine." It's amazing how a little song can have such a message impacted in simple words. "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...let it shine, let it shine, let it shine..." Those next verses, "Hide it under a bushel...NO!" "Won't let Satan blow it out...I'm gonna let it shine" "Shine it over (whatever town you are in)...I'm gonna let it shine." Such simple words, but when lived out can bring major change.

I think about this concept of change...especially after the election we just had. Two of the agents were talking about the economy and how something has to change. One of them said, "Well...Obama said it's going to get worse before it gets better." I made a comment, "That's just a way he can cover his bases when it does get worse." I didn't mean for my comment to be disrepectful, and I don't think the guys took it that way...but it made me think how...we as Americians want change, but we aren't going to answer for the change we want. What we need is GOD! He's the answer to all of this scary and unsettled times.

Wow!! I have really gotten off the subject of this blog...Let's get back to my special Sunday. After church, I stopped to get my parents something to eat. Their church was cancelled and they weren't getting out with the weather. I got my stuff ready for the evening service, then went to meet up with Ginger to go to lunch. We went to eat at O'Charley then onto the mall to shop for some Christmas presents for her great nephews. She had a blast...I had a good time hanging out with her and Mary joined us a little later.

After we got finished at the mall, we went back to church. We have about an hour before play practice...Ginger and Mary practiced while I got programs printed for the Christmas music service last night. It went really well. I was a little frustrated before it started, because of the whole play practice thing. I was about ready to just make up lines...that's probably what I'll be doing the night of the performance. LOL!!!

Anyway...after play practice, we began our service. It was very nice. Only one of the people I had invited came...It was Supermac. I was glad he was able to make it. We had a very good service. I sang a semi new song. I had it forever, but just never sang it in public. It was "Lamb of God" by Nicole C. Mullen.

Pastor's devotion was really good. He talked about being a witness for Jesus. I felt him talking to me...because I had asked a few different people to church a couple of times...during the revival and also for the Christmas music service. Even though they didn't come in, I need to not be discouraged...I need to just do the asking, let God be in charge of who comes from my invitations.

I'm really glad that I learned that small lesson, because I could have really let the fact that the other people I had invited that didn't come, to ruin the special service. But I laid it into God's hands...I had invited. I can't force them to come, I only need to open the invitation to them.

BTW...I got my paper back from my Pentateuch class. I got an A on it. My teacher showed the paper to the class and pointed out my outline worksheet I had made for the lesson. He made really good notes. I was very pleased with the grade. When I told my dad I had gotten my paper back, he asked "what did you get on it?" I told him to guess, he said, "B+"...I said, "no, an teacher grades better than you do." My dad and I have this ongoing joke about him grading me harder than other students he has taught.

"Light Your World" recorded by Newsong from the CD "Christmas Shoes" released 2001.

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