Thursday, January 15, 2009

God is in Control...

On the way home last night from church, I was praying about some situations around me. As I was praying the song "God is in Control" began to play from my ipod. As I sat there and just listened a line from the second verse just really hit me in a new way.

The second verse states:

History marches on There is a bottom line drawn across the ages Culture can make its plan Oh, but the line never changes No matter how the deception may fly There is one thing that has always been true It will be true forever God is in control...

What really hit me last night was "No matter how the deception may fly...there is one thing that has always been true." This world we live in today is a crazy one. Even in our Christian circle of friends it's crazy. This past year, I have heard news of Christian people...some I knew personally, others I just know by their work in Christian ministry...choosing sinful ways. Satan is called "The Deceiver." He will deceive us in our lives by allowing us to accept things that are not in accordance with God's Word. What's really scary about Satan trying to deceive Christians is that He knows the Bible...maybe better than most Christians. But no matter how the deception may fly...God is still in control!

That's a comforting thought...especially with the transition our country is facing. No matter if we voted for our future president or didn't vote for him...God is in control. We must now just trust God ... and we can face life.

Keep this thought in mind through this year of 2009...God is in control.

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