Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year - 2009

I know, I know...this blog is not the title of a song. What can I say??? I'm changing my ways in 2009. I guess I want to be unique and different this year.

Yesterday was a really cool and fun lazy day. I woke up to a Monk marathon. I watched several and finally came out to hang out with family for awhile. We had a good time. I didn't get out of my pajamas (even to go and get gas at the station down the road). I just really wanted to be lazy. It felt really good.

So far today has been good...very busy so far. I hope it goes by quickly, but that it's not crazy busy the second half of the day. My boss showed up today. *shocked look* I really wasn't expecting him to show up at all today.

As far as ending to the was one of the best. I had some family surprise visit us...that was really fantastic! I also had a wonderful Christmas. The only thing I asked for was a Bible. The new ESV Study Bible. I got it...didn't get it until late Christmas Day, but it was fun getting it. I also got some tights, a pez despenser, and a penguin family statue.

My sister bought me a penguin pin on their day out shopping. Mom bought me a set of penguin placemats, and a penguin shaped cup w/lid and straw. I put my placemats on my desk. I actually cleaned it off. I hope to work on that this year...I think that is a resolution I have every year to do better about keeping my stuff cleaned and such. It's something to try to do again.

For New Year's eve...I went straight to church from work. I had picked up Ginger on my way to church. Her car is down for the count. We had a good time talking while I got the areas ready for church service. After church was over, Pastor was in cleaning mode. I had to finally tell him...I'll get it on Saturday, I'm ready to go home. I know he wants to get things back to normal, but I really wanted to go home and see some of my family again.

At home, my sister Leah and her family were there. The boys ended up spending the night with us. My sister Becky and her husband also spent the night with us. That was a lot of fun. Mike went to bed, and so did mom and dad. But Mary, Becky, Michael, Maddie, Marc, Nicholas, Jacob and Brock stayed up to watch the ball drop in NYC. We had some sparkling grape juice and toasted the new year. It was good to hang out with them. Of course, after we did that...I headed to did everyone else.

As I mentioned earlier, it was just a lazy day for me. I really enjoyed it.

Today was a sad beginning. It was time for my sister Mary and her family to go back to Nebraska. It was so good to have them...It would have been better to have Mickey with them. Maybe next time they surprise us, he will be able to be there too.

I'm excited to hear about their Christmas. They will be celebrating it tonight when they get home. It will be midnight our time though...I think.

Well...that's all for now. I hope 2009 will be a wonderful year to all who is reading this blog.

Until next time...

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