Monday, January 05, 2009

When did I lose my first love?

Revelation 2:1-7 speaks of a church that had lost their love for God. That love that is special and helps us to remember why we do what we do. That desire of wanting to be more like Jesus, or desire to reach others for the cause of Christ.

How many Christians are living with the loss of their first love? I know in my life I have lost my way a time or two. I hate to have to admit it, but it's the truth. Instead of remember why we do what we do for Christ, we can become too busy with the programs...we forget to see the people we are trying to reach.

Is there something you have allowed to take the place of that first love? With the coming of the New's a time not only of making "resolutions", but also a time of reflection. Remembering what has been in the past. There are times we need to forget the past, but a healthy remembrance of the past is good too.

My pastor preached from this passage on Sunday night, and my heart has been encouraged to remember the past. Why do we do the programs we do at the church? Why do we sing the songs before the message? Why do we create huge decorations for VBS? Why do we run a church van? Why do we read our Bible daily? Is it because we have a list of things we need to do ... or is it because of a special love of Christ and we want to read from His Word to hear from Him it because of a special love of Christ we want others to know about Him, and we try to different programs to reach them? What are the reasons we do the things we do in our life.

I recently went back to school. I'm so thankful for this decision. I'm a pretty busy person with church activities, but I wasn't really seeking God. Yes, I read my Bible, but what was the reason I was reading? It wasn't always to seek God in those passages...sometimes it was just to put that little checklist down.

Tonight I was reminded again...we are not saved by works. It's only by faith. Anything that I try to add as a requirement, takes away from the faith. It's not by my works, lest I should be able to boast. Christ did the work at the cross. That was enough to pay for my debt.

May God bring you back to Him if you have been one to lose their first love. For those of you who have that love...may God continue you help you grow in that first love...that you won't lose it.

The song "First Love" by Avalon has been going through my head since Sunday night. The prayer at the bridge is one that I've prayed.

"Father take me back, and let me start again, Lord I've failed and I've fallen in my pride, lead me back to You, where my life began, revive in me the yearning that has died..."

May you continue to grow in God's grace and knowledge of the word. May you continue to grow in your first love.

Here is the song by Avalon. Hope you enjoy...