Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol - most popular downloaded songs from itunes...

The top 9...We are getting into the part of the competition that is scary for me...mainly because there are some people I'd really like to see leave at this point, but am afraid a favorite may get eliminated.

I really enjoy watching this show with my friends, but I usually watch it with my parents when the performance show is on Tuesday. It's my night to hang at the house and spend some time with the 'rents. One of my favorite things about watching with my parents is the fact my dad has some really funny commentary. I tried tonight to make notes of his commentary as well...to give you a taste of what it's like to watch Idol with him. LOL!!!

Here's my opinion of tonight's performances:

Anoop Dog - "Caught Up" by Usher
He really didn't wow me like he did last week and even the week before...I didn't feel his performance was up to standards he has set in the past weeks. I agree with Paula when she said his stage performance wasn't where it usually is. I also agree with Simon when he said it was an "utter mess." Simon can be brutally honest sometimes...and it works for him to be that way. (He's the 'House' of the music business)

Megan - "Turn the Lights Down Low" - Bob Marley
I know in the past my opinion of Megan has been stated that I just haven't liked her...well it hasn't changed. I really think she should have been the one to go last week. She just hasn't brought anything to show me she is the next American Idol. Her voice has a uniqueness quality, but she hasn't popped to me yet.

At the end of her performance tonight my dad said, "I didn't like her at all." I really agree with him tonight.

Danny - "What Hurts the Most" - Rascal Flatts
Great Voice!!! He makes me melt every time I hear him. I love his voice and he really sang this song. It wasn't a bad choice at all. Loved Simon tonight for telling him it was a great performance. Yeah Simon!!!

At the end of the performance my dad chimed in "He does it better than Rascal Flatts."...and I agree. I thought it was a solid performance.

Allison - "Don't Speak" - No Doubt
When my dad heard her song choice, he said, "Oh, don't do that song." He doesn't even know the group No Doubt, so I don't know why he said that. The judges seemed to think she was trying to hard. I can understand what they were saying. I think the song choice may have been a down fall for her. I like the song and I think she did rock edge...I think her outfit may have distracted from her performance.

Side note - Normally I have a problem with them criticizing outfits, because it is a singing competition...but this year, I think I've tried to look at the total package. Sometimes outfits or chorography and distract for a performance. I have noticed that with Anoop and Megan. When Anoop sang Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson, his stage presence distracted from doing well on the vocals. When Megan stands there and sings in a microphone on a stand and shakes her tail, it distracts me from listening to her vocals. If I close my eyes when she sings, I can get a better opinion of her voice. But the package should help the performance not distract from it.

Scott - "Just the Way You Are" - Billy Joel
Wow...this guy is very talented. I really think he's an incredibly talented musician. He has a very smooth vocal...doesn't have a flavor to it like Danny or Matt G, but it's smooth. He did excellent tonight.

Matt G. - "You Found Me" - The Fray
Oh my Matt...I think he may be in trouble tonight. He did sing the song well, but he didn't show Matt in the performance. I know last week he was in the bottom three, but it wasn't because I didn't vote...I voted for this guy about as many times as I voted for Danny. I love Matt G. I will vote a lot tonight...just based on past performances...I'm not usually a fan of it, but I agree with Kara...he shouldn't go home yet. He can sing...and he can sing well...he just didn't pick the right song tonight.

Last week's performance, I downloaded from itunes...I still can't believe the voters didn't vote enough to keep him out of the bottom two. I've got to make some extra calls tonight.

Lil Rounds - "I Surrender" - Celine Dion
Lil has a great voice. She can sing well, but lately I think her choices haven't showed her personality. I can't say that I would vote her for based on this performance. It just didn't hit me as a good performance.

A. Lambert - "Play that Funky Music" - Wild Cherry
A.Lambert has done it again. I liked the performance from the end of the first verse to the end. I didn't really like the beginning. I did like his flavor from that point on though. I do, however, want his old hair back. I don't like the plastic Ken doll hair. I want the A.Lambert hair from the "Black and White" performance.

Kris - "Aint No Sunshine" - Bill Withers
When he began the song, my dad made this comment..."Oh...she takes the sunshine with her." He's hilarious when watching. There was this one note that Kris did that really made me take notice of him. Towards the end of the song there was a note that he slid to hit...I love that...it is very difficult to slide a note...and he did it really well. I thought he did good, but I'm still not a fan of him yet.

As far as the bottom three...I think Anoop, Megan, and it's either Matt G. or Lil. I'm hoping Lil, because I'm pulling for my Matt G.

Until tomorrow night...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol Motown results

What a surprise for the bottom three tonight! I did not expect that Scott or My Matt would be there. I really thought Megan would be there and going home. I have realized that I'm going to have to up my voting for My Matt to keep him out of the bottom three.

Very disappointed in the results...Michael had a decent performance and for Megan to not even be in the bottom three, was shocking to me.

Oh well...at least my Matt is safe for another week...and I will definitely be downloading his performance from itunes. Loved "Lets' Get It On"...WOW!!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol - Motown Week

I was really excited about this week's Idol performances. Mainly because the song choices were going to be better than country. I'm just not a country fan. This week I watched the show with some friends, and we discussed a lot of the performances...so their comments may be interjected with mine.

Now on to my opinions...

Matt (My Matt)...I love this guy...I said it last week...I loved him since the Georgia performance in Hollywood...he swept my heart then and he still has it. Wow!! The song "Let's Get It On" is an interesting choice with me, mainly because I think of one of the couples in my circle of friends that have this as their ringtone. But My Matt gave it such a better flavor. His blusy vocals swoon my heart. I was literally fanning myself during his performance. LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM! LOVE HIM!

Kris - "How Sweet It Is" - I'm not sure about him vocally. Yes, he's cute and adorable, but I don't feel he's brought his vocals to the level of the competition it needs to be with the likes of A.Lambert, Danny and My Matt. Last week, he showcased his vocals really well, but this week his song choice for me was part of it for me. Judges seemed positive with the performance though.

Scott - "You Can't Hurry Love" - Scott is an amazing piano player and entertainer. I think his song choice was good...unfortunately Simon didn't agree, nor to Randy. It was nice for me that he did an upbeat song instead of a slower one.

Megan - "For One In My Life" - I tell you ... her voice wasn't on it tonight. Thankfully she didn't do her annoying dance she's done for the past several weeks. I thought the vocals were not where they needed to be to keep her in for another week. Maybe her fans can pull her through again. We'll see.

Anoop - "Ooh, Baby, Baby" - This boy can sing...and has a good upper range. Not as good as A.Lambert, but it's good. I liked this choice for him...I know it's those slower songs that tend to lose me, because I get bored pretty easy...to do a slower song...you have to keep the attention of the audience.

Michael - "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" - I like Michael...I think he could have done better tonight though...however, I don't think he should leave this week. I remember when I first heard someone besides the Temptations sing this song...it was from LA Law when Blair Underwood's character sang this to Michele Greene's character. Of course, Blair has a lot of soul in him and he did an incredible cover of it. If Michael had seen that performance maybe it could have inspired him a little.

Lil Rounds - "Heat Wave" - I was disappointed in Lil this week...this is another week I thought she could have done better. Like the judges said...Lil has this incredible big voice, she really needs to use it. I also didn't like the hair this week.

A.Lambert (Adam) - "Tracks of my Tears" - WOW!! I really am learning to like this guy. When I first heard him audience...I felt he had a lot of Broadway in him. It's not a bad thing, but a recording artist for radio airplay shouldn't sound too Broadway. I've seen A.Lambert grow over the last several weeks. With the slip in last week's performance...he has shot straight to the top again. Really love his high range, when it doesn't sound too Broadwayish. He did an EXCELLENT job tonight.

Danny Gokey - "Get Ready" - I love Danny...he's another one I have watched from the beginning and had my hopes for a good ending. I loved this performance...I totally disagreed with the judges. I thought it was a great song...showed personality. Maybe not as good as A.Lambert, but definitely didn't disappoint me.

Allison - "Papa was a Rolling Stone" - I wasn't too fond of the song choice. She did well on the vocal. I would have liked to hear her sing something like "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." I think she could have pulled it off.

Tonight, my top three performance (in no particular order) are: My Matt, A.Lambert, and Danny Gokey. My choice to leave would be Megan, but then again...that's been my choice for the last two weeks...but I still think some of her fans can keep her in a few more weeks.

Until the results show...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A frustrating night for me. I would really like to be able to blog my opinion about the American Idol night, but unfortunately due to the new President's speech it has been delayed for a second time this season. Enough said about that...

I was talking with my friends Ben and Kat about some great songs that we haven't listened to in a while. Ben had mentioned one that I really liked by KJ-52 (this is pronounced K J Five Two). Several years ago Rebecca St. James wrote a song entitled "God." Well...KJ added his flair to it and did a really good job. I know this music may not be the taste of most people who read this, but I really like this song. The YouTube video attached has the words with it, so you can follow along there.

Hope you enjoy...

I hope to blog tomorrow night about Idol, but I may be a day off...since my church is having mission conference this week.

Until next time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Gonna Bow...

A couple of weeks ago, one of our missionaries was able to visit our church. It is always a pleasure for me to hear this missionary, because he's so down to earth, but yet really able to get a point across. He spoke from the book of Daniel, the account about the three Hebrew boys who didn't bow down to the idol. One of his points was how we need to know what our standards are before we face a situation of testing. If we know how we believe and what we need to do morally, then when temptation is upon us...we can stand in our faith and not bow to what is tempting us.

Last week's Sunday school lesson was about how we need to seek God with our hearts, souls, mind, and strength. We need to really see Jesus. I think when I study Jesus...is one of the ways to get my standards and morals outlined for me. A lot of my standards come from my Christian home. Not because it's what my parents told me, but the fact that as I've grown older, I've found that those guidelines are biblical and please God...especially if they have become a part of me in my growth as a Christian.

Am I perfect? By no means, but having standards and morals helps me to seek forgiveness when I realize I've allowed temptation to over take me.

For several weeks in February, pastor spoke on the temptations of Jesus recorded in Matthew. He reminded us that we have the same power available to us when we face temptation...the Word of God. It's not some magical potion...it's not some good luck charm. It's a powerful book that God gave to us. We must read it...seek it...memorize it...and use it when facing temptation. As we read His Word...our standards and way of living this Christian life will be made known to us. Once we know how to live...when we face temptation...we can quote Scripture...submit to God and flee the Devil. We can say "we won't bow..." to that temptation.

In the 1980's Russ Taff released a solo project entitled "Medals"...on that project a song was entitled "Not Gonna Bow." Here's his take of this whole...not gonna bow idea.

Ninety feet tall and nine feet wide
Solid gold -- "it must be a god"
They were told
"When you hear the music play
Fall on your knees and begin to pray"
They were told
But when the trumpet sounded
The whole world bowed
Three men stood there all alone
They said --

Not gonna bow to your idols
Now gonna bow, oh no
Not gonna bow to your idols
I won't bown down, no, no

All Bobby wanted was just to fit in
To be accepted he must act like them
He said no
"Everybody does it -- so what's the fuss?
Come on, Bobby -- won't you be like us?"
He said no
And when the pressure came
He watched them bow

Bobby stood there all alone
He said
Not gonna bow to your idols
Not gonna bow, oh no
Not gonna bow to your idols
I won’t bow down, no, no

We don't have to give in to it
We can choose to go against the crowd
(We'll be different and we'll follow Him)

So...my question to you is...do you know your standards for when a temptation arises how you will stand? If not...seek His word...develop in your relationship with Jesus...submit to God...flee Satan...and don't bow to the wrong thing.

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Results - Grand Ole Opry Week

Well...Alexis Grace is now eliminated. Looking back on her time at Idol...she accomplished a few things. At her audition the judges gave her some advice...dirty up. Which she came to Hollywood and pleased the judges. She also was the first girl to be voted in the top 12. Alexis is a good singer. She has an edge to her voice that is good, but unfortunately she will not be on the summer tour.

It's not that I didn't like her as a contestant, but if we base things week to week...I thought her performance last night wasn't as high as past performances. I think with some contestants you can look at past performances...the fact that "country" week was so soon this season was unfortunate for her.

Her performance of Dirty Diana from the Michael Jackson collection was okay...but I thought she was trying too hard to have that "dirty image" the judges asked for...so last night she tried a different approach...if she would have picked the Carrie Underwood song "Think Before He Cheats" she may have had a better chance tonight.

I am glad that Michael was safe. I do like him, but I have to say he is going to have to bring his game next week. As far as Allison...I think her fans will be on fire next week to keep her out of the bottom three. Honestly I think it's good when a contestant is in the bottom three, but doesn't get eliminated because it gets the fans on fire to vote, vote, vote.

Just a comment about voting...last night I voted for some faves of mine...and I don't remember getting a busy signal at all...I'm not sure if voting is down...or if more people are voting by text...but I didn't have a good feeling.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol - The Grand Ole Opry Week

I've said many times how music is a passion of mine...and I love watching American Idol. I thought I'd share my thoughts of the shows each week. Hey what can I say...I've definitely got an opinion.

Tonight was the Grand Ole Opry week...compared to last week being Michael Jackson week...I actually preferred listening to the performances from last week more, but I have to say I believe there were a few that stood out to me. Let me just do a recap the way they performed.

Michael - I really like Michael...there is something about him that really hits me...he's not necessarily the BEST vocalist, but he usually has a good time. Tonight's song choice I thought was more for the good time. It had a LOT of words, and I thought he did a decent job with it.

Allison - is one of my favorites. I like the tone of her voice. When she sang the Heart song several weeks ago...she really impressed me. Tonight she did a great job at giving the song her edge. I liked what she did with it.

Kris - I've had mixed feelings about Kris over the past few weeks. The week he sang the "Man in the Mirror" and made it in the finals...I really thought the second performance was better than the first. I don't know what it is about him, but he's been under my radar, but he's beginning to catch my attention. Tonight I thought his vocals were good. I liked the fact that he wasn't behind his guitar and just showcased his vocals.

Lil Rounds - I'm not sure about her. I loved her audition, but last week's performance and this week's just haven't been up to par for me. I like her voice, but I'm not connecting well with her.

Adam Lambert - aka A.Lambert (pronounced A dot Lambert) to my niece. My niece and I like this guy, but honestly for me I wasn't feeling him tonight. I really do like Adam and thought he did a good job with making the song his, but it just wasn't my taste in music. I know music is a lot about perference in style...and his style isn't exactly mine. Now I LOVED last week's performance of Black and White and in fact downloaded it from itunes. But I like Adam owning the stage...and tonight he didn't do it for me. Still I'd give him a vote or two...just because I like him.

Scott - I really like Scott. I thought it was interesting how Simon was more in favor of him being behind the piano, and Paula wanted him to "connect" more with the audience away from the piano. I for one...like him behind the piano...I think because I know he's comfortable there. I think he can shine behind the piano if he chose songs that accent his great higher range...but I thought he did well with the song.

Alexis - was tonight forgettable for me. I'm not sure what happened to the girl I enjoyed listening to the first week of finals, but I think she's losing something.

Danny Gokey - I applaude him. Amazing voice...incredible. I really like the tone in his voice...it's unique (yet I can see where he was compared to Matt in his tone...yes they do have that unique tone, but you can tell them apart). I really liked this song choice, because that song is a popular song by a previous idol winner. I thought Danny did an excellent job with it...even the beginning. Sometimes a song needs to have that moment where it builds. I liked it. Possibly may download from itunes.

Anoop - tonight I saw the reason why Anoop made it to the top 13. I wasn't a fan of him...and I don't know that I would call myself a fan of his...but I see potential in him.

Megan - sick or not...I'm not a fan. I hate to write that. I do like the uniqueness of her voice, but I can't stand her dancing. I know it's a singing competition, but when I have to close my eyes at the performance it just doesn't give me the whole effect. I don't think she will have a problem of going into the next week, because she will get votes probably because she was sick.

Matt - oh my Matt. I love him. I have loved him since his Georgia performance in Hollywood. It's a toss up between Danny and Matt for me. I love their unique tones of their voices. I love his soulful quality...reminds me a lot of Michael McDonald. His performance tonight was incredible. I think it will be on my ipod soon. What I think I like the most about Matt is that he's been a little under the radar, but tonight he showed America that he can be in this competition with the likes of Danny and Adam.

Now...for some contradiction...Paula confuses me a little. She criticized the fact that Scott performed two songs behind the piano, but didn't say anything about Matt performing two songs behind the piano. I know there's a differences in the performances, but it shows you that you can continue to play the piano and connect with the audience. I really think it goes down to song choice...not the fact that Scott's using the piano as a crutch. I hope I'm making my point across better than Paula does with this comment.

Well...I've got to close this post, so I can get to voting for my faves. I'll probably try to comment about the results later this week.

Let me know if you enjoy reading these types of blogs. I may continue even if I have bad feedback. LOL!!!

Until next time...

the umbrella project

Hey there...long time no talk. It's been very busy for me the past few weeks. I enjoy writing in my blog, but I don't want to write just to say I've written in it. It would be nice to be able to say something profound, but it's sometimes difficult to put into words what God is doing in my life. He's working definitely, but just hard to explain...and sometimes the way He is working I'm not able to express because He's using circumstances that involve other people.

Anyway...I first want to mention a new project that needs to be checked out. It's a CD by my nephew Micah Jayne. You can find his stuff at www.myspace.com/micahjayne or at www.micahjayne.com He's an incredibly talented young man. Amazing gift God has given him. Anyway...the project was released March 15th...please order the project...you can contact him through either above listed websites. Thanks...

In spiritual areas...

I recently viewed my favorite movie "Facing the Giants" and was reminded of a commitment I made to God about wanting to honor God in my actions and attitudes. I love the speech Coach Grant Taylor says when presenting his new team philosophy "I want God to bless this team so much people will talk about what He did. But it means we gotta give Him our best in every area. And if we win, we praise Him. And if we lose, we praise Him. Either way we honor Him with our actions and our attitudes. So I'm askin' you..What are you living for? I resolved to give God everything I've got, then I'll leave the results up to Him. I want to know if you'll join me." That quote is very convicting to me...because I know sometimes my actions and attitudes don't honor God. I don't always give Him my best. But I have recommitted again to this philosophy. I want to do give Him my best...I want people to talk about what He's doing in my life. I have part of that phrase in my signature at my work email...so when people get emails from me, they know I'm a Christian by that statement. I want people to know that I live my life to honor God. That way there is accountability in my life. People are watching how we live...people are curious if this relationship is for real...or if it's just religion.

Now...my pastor has been preaching the last several weeks on Sunday evenings about prayer. I have noticed that before he began preaching on this subject that my prayer life had begun to change. One situation was where a friend needed to have a miracle in her life. I began praying on Sunday morning for this miracle and by Friday night of the next week the miracle was answered. Hallelujah! Also my way for praying for my home church has changed. I used to pray that many people would visit our church and feel the need to join (not really praying how they can impact our church in a positive way)...but recently I have been praying that God protect our church from negative influences. Because of this prayer I'm wondering if that's why somethings haven't happened that others are curious about...like I said...I really can't explain this because it does affect other people.

While changing my prayer life, I have also been keeping a journal of prayer requests. I havea page for requests from each member of my family and praise reports. I want to record answers to these prayer requests.

In other areas...
This past weekend I was able to enjoy a visit from my brother David and his family. I enjoyed having some time with Karis. She's such a sweet girl...and has a lot of potential. I was the first to purchase a copy of Micah's CD...he had given one to my parents, but when he handed me mine, I asked how much? He told me so I was the first to purchase it. YEAH ME!!! (oh no, I sound like London Tipton...LOL!)

Work is okay...the months of January and February had hit us pretty hard with storms. There were several days I was mentally worn out...but recovering pretty well now.

Well...that's about all...hope you enjoy the update...until next time...

Sunday, March 01, 2009


We sing hallelujah
when all has become nothing
our hope in the Savior
has covered all we do
let it be for you
we'll sing hallelujah
and fall to the ground again
with hands stretched up to the sky
we're waiting for the day,
we'll hear the father say
"well done, good and faithful one
enter in, come on share with me
welcome home, good and faithful one
on and on to eternity
--- Newsboys "Hallelujah"

This week has been an incredible week for me spiritually. I have been blessed with some great things in my life. It began last Sunday morning. A good friend of mine shared a prayer request for me and I felt that morning I needed to pray for a miracle for her. By the time I got to her house to pick her up for church that morning, I could see a little bit of evidence for the miracle. Her attitude about the situation she was facing was not going to let her down, but I wanted more than just an attitude adjustment. I wanted to see God really show her He is in control of her situations. That mornings message was helpful for me to continue to pray for this miracle. Pastor Scott has been preaching for the last several weeks in Matthew about different aspects with Jesus as King. For the past four weeks, he focused on the temptation of the King. Three of those weeks, he focus on each temptation. Sundays was the temptation of protection. That message was in the back of my mind all week. After church was over, my friend shared with me a praise that God had given her at church. She had a temptation of not giving her tithes and offering because of this situation she was facing, but she finally stood up to Satan and said she's giving it anyway. After church was over a member of the church came to her to speak with her and then shook her hand. Left in her hand was the exact amount of money that she had given in the offering plate...100%. God is good...all the time...all the time...God is good.

That evening pastor preached the message on the 7th church in Revelation. It was the luke-warm church. Throughout the message I kept thinking..."I don't want to be a casual Christian." I want to be one on fire for God...reaching others and praying for protection of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Throughout the week, I began to hear from my brothers and sisters (immediate family) - a new tradition for us in 2009. Such a blessing to hear how God is working in their lives too. I love being able to share how He's working in my life too. I shared with them my praise for the first part of the miracle that I had been praying for.

On Wednesday, my sister Leah wrote her letter, and mentioned for us to be praying for her son Jacob...as she felt he may be close to accepting Jesus as his Savior. I began praying as soon as I read the words. I knew God would answer my prayer...I wasn't sure when, but I knew He would...well the VERY next day, my brother-in-law Mike wrote that at 6:50 that morning, Jacob accepted Jesus as Savior. What a blessing! I cried happy tears when I was relaying the message to my parents. It was just such a special blessing to hear that.

Friday came quickly, and my week was still going well. That evening, I even had a test, and I wasn't going to let it get me down. I think I did better on this one than the last one. I was excited to turn in my reaction paper from the week prior, because I felt very strongly on the subject.

The next day my friends were getting together to celebrate the birthdays of Kat and Steve. The plans were to head to TGI Fridays and then go back to the house for some fellowship. Even though the plans didn't work out exactly...the group I was in had a blast anyway. We watched a comedy DVD by Tim Hawkins. So funny! After it was over, we talked a little more. It was a really good time.

This morning was a really good day! It began with worship service...things were a little hectic at first...I had to run sound for the service, and the recording program didn't work. I didn't let it get me too down. I just told pastor...we will have sound, just no recording capabilities. He just smiled...he knows how temperamental it can be.

The afternoon was spent with Felicity and Grace (pastor's daughters). We were going to see the Jonas Brothers movie in 3D. We had a really good time. It's a lot of fun hanging out with them. They enjoyed being able to go to a fun movie and I had an excuse to see the movie. LOL!!! I thought the 3D effects were really good...better than the last 3D movie I had seen...which was Spy Kids 3D with my niece and nephews from Nebraska.

After the movie we went to get something to eat and then we went to the church to get it ready for the evening service. Felicity was going to play for the offering that night so she practiced and I got the words typed out for the song I was going to sing that night. I had decided on "One Touch" a favorite of my friends. Sara had turned around to ask me what I was singing during the worship singing, and I said "I don't know for sure." She just gave me a frustrated look. I knew it was one of her favorites...but I was getting nervous about singing...I don't know why, but I was. It went well with the message on prayer that Pastor spoke.

I say all this prior to finally finish my hallelujah moment of this week...which I pray will carry me throughout this week. The message was so simple...yet it needs to be simple to be a reminder when praying through the week.

See the following outline

What good does it do to pray anyway?
1. Basic questions about prayer
A. Who can pray? (I Peter 3:12) - God's people, the believer
B. Why do we pray? (I John 2:1) - We have an Advocate with the Father - for fellowship
C. Where do we pray? Anywhere...Daniel prayed in the lions Den, Jonah prayed in the belly
of the well, Jesus prayed in the garden
D. When do we pray? (I Thess. 5:17) - all the time. without ceasing.
E. How shall we pray? position of the heart is more important than the position of the body
1) by faith
2) submission
3) reverence
4) boldly
2. Basic ways God answers our prayer
A. Yes - this is our favorite answer...Hezekiah had a yes answer to his prayer
(II Kings 20:1)
B. No - There can be several reasons why a no answer can be given. God may tell us why in this life, or it may not be revealed to us.
1) no - because we may not be in fellowship (Ps. 66:18)
2) no - because we ask amiss
3) no - because we don't ask according to His will (I John 5:14)
4) no - because God gives us a will...so if you are praying for someone specifically caught up in a sin...don't stop praying for them, because God has given that person a will to choose, and they may have chosen...but DON'T STOP PRAYING!
5) no - because God has something better for us.

C. Wait - Is 55:8-9. God's ways are higher than my way, He may know that something is not right for us at this time, and it may be that we need to grow more before getting the specific answer. Simeon prayed for the Messiah and it wasn't until he was old that the Messiah came. It was answered, but not when Simeon would have thought it would happen.

This message was exactly what I needed. I have had a few prayer requests I have been praying for...this message encouraged me to keep on praying. It was nice because since I ran the sound I didn't have to lead the invitation song, so I went to the front for prayer. A few minutes after I was there, my friend Mary came to me and wrapped her arms around me, and prayed with me, and then pastor came over to pray with us. I began quoting Romans 8:26...The Spirit maketh intercession for us, when we don't know how to pray...I began to cry and just praise God for this time. It was a beautiful moment.

After service, we had choir practice and then, a few of us got together at Pizza Hut to have some fellowship. It was such a sweet time. When I got there, we sat together and caught up with things happening in Sara's life with school. She shared a praise about a specific prayer request. Before we ate, I prayed for the meal and made sure to mention thank you to God for the praise that Sara had just shared. We finished our food and before we left, Ginger mentioned she should pray before we head out to our week ahead. She led us in prayer and then we shared specific requests we wanted to have others pray for us. It was such a blessed time. God is good! This I know.

May your week be encouraged too...