Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol - The Grand Ole Opry Week

I've said many times how music is a passion of mine...and I love watching American Idol. I thought I'd share my thoughts of the shows each week. Hey what can I say...I've definitely got an opinion.

Tonight was the Grand Ole Opry week...compared to last week being Michael Jackson week...I actually preferred listening to the performances from last week more, but I have to say I believe there were a few that stood out to me. Let me just do a recap the way they performed.

Michael - I really like Michael...there is something about him that really hits me...he's not necessarily the BEST vocalist, but he usually has a good time. Tonight's song choice I thought was more for the good time. It had a LOT of words, and I thought he did a decent job with it.

Allison - is one of my favorites. I like the tone of her voice. When she sang the Heart song several weeks ago...she really impressed me. Tonight she did a great job at giving the song her edge. I liked what she did with it.

Kris - I've had mixed feelings about Kris over the past few weeks. The week he sang the "Man in the Mirror" and made it in the finals...I really thought the second performance was better than the first. I don't know what it is about him, but he's been under my radar, but he's beginning to catch my attention. Tonight I thought his vocals were good. I liked the fact that he wasn't behind his guitar and just showcased his vocals.

Lil Rounds - I'm not sure about her. I loved her audition, but last week's performance and this week's just haven't been up to par for me. I like her voice, but I'm not connecting well with her.

Adam Lambert - aka A.Lambert (pronounced A dot Lambert) to my niece. My niece and I like this guy, but honestly for me I wasn't feeling him tonight. I really do like Adam and thought he did a good job with making the song his, but it just wasn't my taste in music. I know music is a lot about perference in style...and his style isn't exactly mine. Now I LOVED last week's performance of Black and White and in fact downloaded it from itunes. But I like Adam owning the stage...and tonight he didn't do it for me. Still I'd give him a vote or two...just because I like him.

Scott - I really like Scott. I thought it was interesting how Simon was more in favor of him being behind the piano, and Paula wanted him to "connect" more with the audience away from the piano. I for one...like him behind the piano...I think because I know he's comfortable there. I think he can shine behind the piano if he chose songs that accent his great higher range...but I thought he did well with the song.

Alexis - was tonight forgettable for me. I'm not sure what happened to the girl I enjoyed listening to the first week of finals, but I think she's losing something.

Danny Gokey - I applaude him. Amazing voice...incredible. I really like the tone in his voice...it's unique (yet I can see where he was compared to Matt in his tone...yes they do have that unique tone, but you can tell them apart). I really liked this song choice, because that song is a popular song by a previous idol winner. I thought Danny did an excellent job with it...even the beginning. Sometimes a song needs to have that moment where it builds. I liked it. Possibly may download from itunes.

Anoop - tonight I saw the reason why Anoop made it to the top 13. I wasn't a fan of him...and I don't know that I would call myself a fan of his...but I see potential in him.

Megan - sick or not...I'm not a fan. I hate to write that. I do like the uniqueness of her voice, but I can't stand her dancing. I know it's a singing competition, but when I have to close my eyes at the performance it just doesn't give me the whole effect. I don't think she will have a problem of going into the next week, because she will get votes probably because she was sick.

Matt - oh my Matt. I love him. I have loved him since his Georgia performance in Hollywood. It's a toss up between Danny and Matt for me. I love their unique tones of their voices. I love his soulful quality...reminds me a lot of Michael McDonald. His performance tonight was incredible. I think it will be on my ipod soon. What I think I like the most about Matt is that he's been a little under the radar, but tonight he showed America that he can be in this competition with the likes of Danny and Adam.

Now...for some contradiction...Paula confuses me a little. She criticized the fact that Scott performed two songs behind the piano, but didn't say anything about Matt performing two songs behind the piano. I know there's a differences in the performances, but it shows you that you can continue to play the piano and connect with the audience. I really think it goes down to song choice...not the fact that Scott's using the piano as a crutch. I hope I'm making my point across better than Paula does with this comment.

Well...I've got to close this post, so I can get to voting for my faves. I'll probably try to comment about the results later this week.

Let me know if you enjoy reading these types of blogs. I may continue even if I have bad feedback. LOL!!!

Until next time...

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