Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Results - Grand Ole Opry Week

Well...Alexis Grace is now eliminated. Looking back on her time at Idol...she accomplished a few things. At her audition the judges gave her some advice...dirty up. Which she came to Hollywood and pleased the judges. She also was the first girl to be voted in the top 12. Alexis is a good singer. She has an edge to her voice that is good, but unfortunately she will not be on the summer tour.

It's not that I didn't like her as a contestant, but if we base things week to week...I thought her performance last night wasn't as high as past performances. I think with some contestants you can look at past performances...the fact that "country" week was so soon this season was unfortunate for her.

Her performance of Dirty Diana from the Michael Jackson collection was okay...but I thought she was trying too hard to have that "dirty image" the judges asked last night she tried a different approach...if she would have picked the Carrie Underwood song "Think Before He Cheats" she may have had a better chance tonight.

I am glad that Michael was safe. I do like him, but I have to say he is going to have to bring his game next week. As far as Allison...I think her fans will be on fire next week to keep her out of the bottom three. Honestly I think it's good when a contestant is in the bottom three, but doesn't get eliminated because it gets the fans on fire to vote, vote, vote.

Just a comment about voting...last night I voted for some faves of mine...and I don't remember getting a busy signal at all...I'm not sure if voting is down...or if more people are voting by text...but I didn't have a good feeling.

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