Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Gonna Bow...

A couple of weeks ago, one of our missionaries was able to visit our church. It is always a pleasure for me to hear this missionary, because he's so down to earth, but yet really able to get a point across. He spoke from the book of Daniel, the account about the three Hebrew boys who didn't bow down to the idol. One of his points was how we need to know what our standards are before we face a situation of testing. If we know how we believe and what we need to do morally, then when temptation is upon us...we can stand in our faith and not bow to what is tempting us.

Last week's Sunday school lesson was about how we need to seek God with our hearts, souls, mind, and strength. We need to really see Jesus. I think when I study one of the ways to get my standards and morals outlined for me. A lot of my standards come from my Christian home. Not because it's what my parents told me, but the fact that as I've grown older, I've found that those guidelines are biblical and please God...especially if they have become a part of me in my growth as a Christian.

Am I perfect? By no means, but having standards and morals helps me to seek forgiveness when I realize I've allowed temptation to over take me.

For several weeks in February, pastor spoke on the temptations of Jesus recorded in Matthew. He reminded us that we have the same power available to us when we face temptation...the Word of God. It's not some magical's not some good luck charm. It's a powerful book that God gave to us. We must read it...memorize it...and use it when facing temptation. As we read His Word...our standards and way of living this Christian life will be made known to us. Once we know how to live...when we face temptation...we can quote Scripture...submit to God and flee the Devil. We can say "we won't bow..." to that temptation.

In the 1980's Russ Taff released a solo project entitled "Medals"...on that project a song was entitled "Not Gonna Bow." Here's his take of this whole...not gonna bow idea.

Ninety feet tall and nine feet wide
Solid gold -- "it must be a god"
They were told
"When you hear the music play
Fall on your knees and begin to pray"
They were told
But when the trumpet sounded
The whole world bowed
Three men stood there all alone
They said --

Not gonna bow to your idols
Now gonna bow, oh no
Not gonna bow to your idols
I won't bown down, no, no

All Bobby wanted was just to fit in
To be accepted he must act like them
He said no
"Everybody does it -- so what's the fuss?
Come on, Bobby -- won't you be like us?"
He said no
And when the pressure came
He watched them bow

Bobby stood there all alone
He said
Not gonna bow to your idols
Not gonna bow, oh no
Not gonna bow to your idols
I won’t bow down, no, no

We don't have to give in to it
We can choose to go against the crowd
(We'll be different and we'll follow Him) question to you you know your standards for when a temptation arises how you will stand? If His word...develop in your relationship with Jesus...submit to God...flee Satan...and don't bow to the wrong thing.

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