Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - Top 5 - Rat Pack

Jamie Foxx as mentor...so cool! I think he's an amazing performer. I didn't know he was classically trained though...so that was nice to know.

Kris - The Way You Look Tonight
He did really well. Great vocal ability and control. I liked the song even before he sang it - but I thought Kris raised the bar a little.

Allison - Someone to Watch Over Me
She did well...I agree with what Simon said...about not being a performance that showed she really believed she would be the next American Idol. Don't get me wrong...she's a good singer, but star quality I haven't really seen in her. To be in the top 4...you have to bring it, and there have been some weeks she has been off...she's got to be on top of her game EVERY week.

Matt G - My Funny Valentine
When it was first said before the break about "Funny Valentine," I thought back to when Melinda Doolittle sang this song. The praises she received after her performances was something I'll never forget (because I think it was the first time I had heard it). I loved the advice that Foxx gave Matt...and the fact that Matt took the advice. I think had he not he wouldn't have received such high praise from Simon. During the performance, I myself was amazed. His vocal tone is incredible. There is something about it that really hits me in the heart...Trouble breathing, hot flashes, etc will continue from there. Anyway...I love Simon! I love the fact that he saw something in the performance just as I saw. I was afraid I may have just been biased, but if Simon agrees with me, I feel I am not being too easy on him.

Danny - Come Rain or Come Shine
WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing! Loved him...man he really brought it tonight. His tone was great. The word "swag" used by Kara was a good one to describe his performance. Simon used "OUTSTANDING!" I agree with him.

A.Lambert - Feeling Good
Vocally the beginning was very smooth. Lung capacity is excellent for this guy. What I don't like about A.Lambert is his "broadway" sound nor his screaming. I noticed as they played the performances with the numbers again he had done a little more "craziness" with the long held out note at the end...that's what I don't like A.Lambert to do. When it was live...it was a good note (but the one taped earlier for the rehearsals was too "screamy" for me).

Honestly my top two are Matt G. & Danny. I loved them both. Kris would be my next person.

As far as who I think will be in bottom three. I really don't know, but I have a feeling the bottom two will be Kris and Allison. Matt may be the other one...but I'm hoping to stop that fact. LOL!!!

One thing my mom mentioned during this show was that...this was the first time they sang songs she actually had heard. It was a good show even though most of the songs I don't remember hearing of. I did know Kris' and Matt's so though...

Until tomorrow night...

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