Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol - top 7 (again) - Disco Week

I was impressed this year...normally when a theme is something like "Country" or "Disco" it seems that contestants try to do something of a copy cat performance. This year, however, the contestants are trying to take more risks and do things their way. I think David Cook from last year showed that it's okay to take risks...and it sometimes helps.

Now for my opinions...

Lil - "I'm Every Woman"
A better song choice than maybe "I Will Survive" but her performance wasn't that great for me. Lil is the only contestant who gets on my nerves when it comes to the judges comments. I hate to hear people argue with their opinions. Yes it may not be something she wants to hear...but they do have their opinions. I am not a Lil fan...and haven't been for awhile now. I did like her in her first audition, but she has gone down hill for me. I really hope tomorrow she will be one of the two to leave.

Kris - "She Works Hard for the Money"
Wow! Kris has impressed me a couple of weeks now. I didn't like him at the beginning...and don't remember his audition or anything he did in Hollywood. But each week he is bringing his game and doing and pulling it off. I'm not sure about Paula's comments, but he did do very well and choosing the right song. It was a risk, but a good one. Well done!

Danny - "September"
Danny is one of my favorites. I would love to see him win the whole thing. As much as I REALLY love Matt G...I would settle for Danny winning, because I like him too. I do think Danny has the potential to make it to the finals. I enjoyed this performance because I love the song, but performing after Kris may have not been a good thing.

Allison - "Hot Stuff"
I like Allison's voice. I like the fact that she's so young and yet so talented, but I'm not sure I really liked this performance. I miss the Allison that sang the song by Heart. That's when she showed me that she had some really good star power. Every since then...it's been down hill for me with her.

A.Lambert - "If I Can't Have You"
I struggle with this one...I liked his vocals when he wasn't screaming. I also enjoyed the arrangement. He made a good choice to not be "Disco" during Disco week. I think the reason I'm not pulling for him is because so many people are. -- I did like his hair tonight...not the "Ken" doll look.

Matt G. - "Stayin' Alive"
I LOVE HIM!!! I enjoyed his performance of this one. I think he worked at the performance to hope he was going to stay alive in the competition. At the end of the performance...you could tell that he had put everything he had in it. I respect Simon's opinion of not liking it, because he's not biased with Matt G. as I am...but I still think he did better than what Simon said.

Anoop - "Dim All the Lights"
I really hope this means that the lights may be dim on Anoop tomorrow night. I like Anoop as far as he's been good with the ballads, but tonight he seemed a little corny to me when the song began to pick up the tempo. The last note was not good...very pitchy.

I'd like to say Ryan is hilarious...he's one of the reasons I like watching the show. I'm sure he may have writers to help him come up with the little cute things he says, but he can pull them off well.

As for who I'd like to see go home tomorrow...Lil & Anoop. The performances for me wasn't too great.

Until tomorrow night...

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