Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 - Music from the Movies

I first want to comment on the mentor. I remember when Quentin Tarantino was on the show in Season 3. I didn't remember which season it was, but I remember that he wanted to be on the show because he's a huge fan of it. He did a great job in critiquing then...so I was looking forward to him doing actual Mentoring of the contestants.

Allison - "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing"
I like the song, but I didn't really enjoy her performance of it. I do think she has great vocals and will stay in for another week ... as long as her fans vote to keep her in there. The last few weeks, I just haven't gotten Allison's performance...but I don't want to see her go. She's a great singer and has a good voice.

Anoop - "Everything I Do"
Pretty good..it's another slow one so I thought he would nail it. He could have taken Quentin's advice and roughed it up a little more.

(Side note: It was interesting tonight...the advice that Quentin would give, I would see if the contestants took it or not. Most of them didn't take it. I don't know why, but it they just didn't really seem to do what he said.)

A.Lambert - "Born To Be Wild"
I believe this song was written to describe A.Lambert...he is a wild one. I thought he did a great vocal...but I do agree with what Simon said...people will either love it or hate it...and comparing it to last week, it wasn't as good.

My dad had some comments during A.Lambert's performance...here's what he said...I was hardly able to keep up with what he said...because this was towards the end of the performance. "He's rockin' it tonight! He put all he's got in it! He likes to holler!"

Matt - "To Really Love a Woman"
I will first say...I'm very biased when I watch my Matt perform. I love him. His voice just melts the insides of me. I enjoyed the rock edge he put towards the middle...I love his high range, and I thought the vocal was good...however Kara and Randy didn't like it. Oh well! I'm still voting for him.

Danny - "Endless Love"
What a great song! I know the song is not the most appropriate song, but with Danny situation I think he can sing it and have that emotion that the song was written about...prom theme for 1985...not so good a choice. LOL!!!

I love Danny about as much as I love Matt. It would have been interesting for me if he had not used his hands as Quentin had suggested. I think him still using the hands distracted me a bit...because that's something they mentioned in the promo of the time with Quentin.

I disagreed with Simon...the arrangement was good for Danny...but it would have been interesting to see him play it up differently. What Danny may have wanted to come across in the song, though, may not have been able to be displayed had the arrangement been different. So I think he did a fine job with it. He's getting my votes too.

Kris - "Falling Slowly"
I've never heard the song Kris chose, so I really had to pay attention to his performance. I thought the song was done well...I didn't hear any pitch problems...and I thought as Kara did that this was a great performance of Kris'. I will say, I wasn't a big fan of Kris' at the beginning of the show, but he has grown on me.

Lil - "The Rose"
Oh...where to begin. I guess I begin with the advice that Quentin gave her. Telling her to sing the song from beginning to end...not just sangin' it with the gospel/r&b feel. When you take a song like "The Rose"...it has to be sung with feeling and emotion or it will just be a boring song.

Now...the song itself. I thought it was very pitchy in the middle when she was playing up the gospel feel. The last note didn't really do it for me.

When the judges give criticism...especially the SAME criticism as they have been for the last several weeks with her it means it's time for her to go. I don't like how she talks back to Simon (mainly) when he's giving his criticism. For the last several weeks they have told her things, and she says, "I'm gonna do it." But the next week...she's doing the same thing. I know she tried to take this song and jazz it up with her R&B flavor, but it didn't work for her. I mean...she would have been better off singing "I Will Always Love You." If she would have done that...she may have been able to keep her spot...but I really think she's going to be leaving tomorrow night.

Bottom Three - Lil, Anoop, & Matt (I hate to put him there, but to be perfectly honest, I can see him being there tomorrow...the only thing is I'm voting a lot for him...so I may be able to tip the scale. LOL!)

The person to leave...I really think Lil's time is up. We'll see tomorrow night.

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