Tuesday, April 07, 2009

American Idol - Top 8

I want to remind people reading this blog that I do this fun for me. Sharing my opinion about the performance is something that I enjoy doing. If you don't agree it's okay.

This week was going to be fun...because of song choice...most of the songs would be from the 80's...which I think was the best decade for music. However, I was surprised by the songs that were picked for performance.

Let's begin...

Danny - a favorite of mine
Danny is an incredible singer. I love the soulfulness in his voice. He's very good. I really liked the arrangement of the song (surprised I agreed with Paula on this one...). I liked the way he jazzed things up after a bit of the beginning.

Kris -
Kris has not been a favorite of mine...however last week he really had me thinking he was going to do well for the next few weeks. I don't think he will be the one to leave tomorrow, but I do think his performance may get him in the bottom 3. I agreed with Simon and Randy...however, with Simon saying it was an utter mess, I wouldn't go that far. I did think the song choice wasn't the best for him.

Lil -
Interesting performance for me. When she began, she looked great. I even thought she sounded great. I was surprised that my thoughts were totally opposite of what the judges said. I didn't think it was a copy cat...however, I can see where she was doing the "Tina walk" but vocally I didn't hear it as copy cat.

Anoop -
Interesting thing about Anoop is he can sing. Give this boy a ballad and he will sing it like no other...give him an upbeat song though...and he will get lost. I think he will be safe this week, but I do believe his weeks are numbered.

Scott -
Vocally I thought it was okay. The guitar playing was atrocious. I don't mean to be cruel to him, but he needs to be at the piano. I know Paula suggested him to take a step away, but going to the electric guitar just wasn't the best choice. I know he wanted to show versatility, but I think it may land him in trouble this week.

Allison -
I like Allison, but I actually disagreed with the judges this week. I actually thought it sounded like a copy cat performance. I know she has a voice, but if I had my eyes closed I could have thought it was Bonnie singing it instead of Allison. I thought it interesting that with both girl performances that I differed with the judges.

Matt - My Matt...I love him!
I love Matt...he is an incredible performer. I love his funkiness...he's got flavor to him. He's very talented. I loved his take on this Steve song. He was a showman tonight.

A.Lambert -
When he announced A.Lambert to be singing next and had the picture of him in the vampire costume, I thought...hmm...another vampire I wouldn't mind having around me. LOL!!! But as for the performance. Vocally he was flawless. I wasn't too fond of the song choice, but I think it was because I don't remember the original, but his vocal was amazing. He's got talent.

My picks for the evening were Danny, My Matt, and A.Lambert. As far as the bottom three, based on the judges criticism...I think it will be Lil, Kris, and Scott. I think Lil is possibly going home this week.

Until tomorrow night.

(Been dealing with a stomach virus...not able to stomach anything but saltine crackers...please be praying for me)

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