Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Know Who I Am

As a little girl, my mom began teaching who I was...even before I gave my heart to Jesus. I would be playing outside in the yard and she would come on the porch and yell to me "who's girl are you?" Of course, as a little girl, I didn't get it and I would just say, "your girl." When I accepted Jesus salvation, at the age of 13, that answer would change and I would answer with "Jesus' girl." Which was such a true statement...and as a little girl I didn't realize that impact that statement was to have on my life and how I would live it.

After I graduated from Southland Bible Institute, I began working for a mortgage company. One day, my godly sister-in-law Tonda came by the office and had a book for me to read. She said, "I want this back, but I really think you need to read this." The title of the book was called "A Jewel in His Crown" by Priscilla Evans Shirer (this is one of the daughters of Dr. Tony Evans). I read the book and as I read it, I began to see the teaching that my mom had been doing all those years. She wanted me to know that I was God's child...and Jewel in His crown. I was the daughter of The King. I had a way I was to present myself...a lifestyle that represented The King Himself.

Today, I called my brother David to talk to him for a little bit. I wanted to thank him for sending me a link to a song that he wanted me to learn. While we talked and discussed different songs, he mentioned one called "I Know Who I Am." As I set and listened to the different YouTube videos, I saw this one that is a shorter version of the song. I wanted to post this and let everyone hear it. I love the fact that I know the message of this song in my heart. I know who I am...I am Yours, Jesus...You are mine. Hallelujah!

I was going to post a video with the lyrics, but this one is shorter...if you want a copy of the lyrics let me know...and I'll post them later.

Until next time...(video posted below)

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