Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vessel - Song of the moment

Last year when my mom was asked to speak at a ladies conference she did this really cute song that lip synced to. It was a hit. Well...this year she came to me with the theme of "fill my cup." She wanted to see if we could find a song that would go with the theme. When she asked I wasn't on the same page as she was...she's wanting something funny, yet serious. Anyway...I was in the drive-thru one night listening to my ipod and a song by Chris Sligh came on called "Vessel." I had heard him sing it at the concert last month, but had forgotten about it. I got home and shared it with her and she liked it, but she didn't think she could sing it. I think she can do it...and have begun preparations to try to get music for her to use. I'm hoping that some source will pan out for it.

So, anyway...I wanted to share it with those of you who read this blog. This song really goes well with the message I heard tonight. Matt Herrell (missionary to Peru) spoke about missions. He showed us how Jesus wasn't just mission-minded, but that the missions went to His heart, then out through His hands. God wants to use us...He wants us to not just be mission minded, but have that missions go to our have us become passionate about Him and sharing His message of hope to those who need it...which then in turns helps us to live it out through our hands...actually reaching those. Not just being there at the church, but getting into the trenches and bringing Jesus to them.

"Lord, make of me a vessel, that You can always use, no matter how You break me, what I win or what I lose, let me be a vessel, pure and holy, perfect in Your eyes. Lord, hear me when I cry...for you to make me...a vessel."

Below is the song clip with lyrics...enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol performances & results

So I didn't get a chance to write my opinions of the performances and I know it's over now, but I still want to get into print what I thought of it. Here goes...

Round 1 - Personal Pick
A.Lambert - Mad World
This is a song he previously did. I prefer this type of song for A.Lambert. He didn't scream and he had control of his voice. I enjoyed Simon's comment.

Kris - Ain't No Sunshine
I don't remember him singing this before...but he may have. This shows Kris as an incredible artist. He is an underdog/a dark horse in this competition. I'm so rooting for the underdog.
I agree with Simon that round 1 went to Kris hands down.

Round 2 - Chosen by Creator
A.Lambert - Change is Gonna Come
The suit was sharp. Parts of the song was good. I'm easily distracted with his performances, meaning that I'm thinking of other things and not really on what is being done to "entertain" me. I wouldn't say I'm bored, but definitely not entertained.

Kris - What's Goin' On
Would not have been a choice I would have chosen, but since it wasn't a song chosen by him then you have to judge what he did with it. I actually liked it...thought it was neat having an acoustic feel to it...but then again, I like that sound. I thought he did a very good job at it.

I disagreed with Simon saying round 2 went to A.Lambert

Round 3 - Winner's first single
Okay...before I get to the judging of the performance of this song...let me say...I didn't like the song. It didn't make sense to me. I can't believe they had Kara be apart of the writing team. I mean come on...there have been such great songs in the past...why get this one. Anyway...

It just didn't do anything for me. It wasn't his style. I think he tried to make it his, but didn't succeed.

The key was definitely not where it needed to be. I did think the song was better suited for him than A.Lambert. (Note...tonight when he sang it, I think they had adjusted the key, because it did sound much better).

Now I didn't watch the entire show tonight. Most of it was just fill-in just to make you wait. I was pleased with the outcome. I think America got it right again. It looks like they are on a roll.

I know a lot has been said that A.Lambert was the first chance for a gay American Idol. I know he was close, but America still chose someone with morals and values. Kris is a married man, and has displayed his wife the entire time throughout the competition. Even when Simon made a comment about how he should have kept her hidden because the girls wouldn't like this fact. Maybe America wants to have morals and values to be displayed. Marriages to show they are sacred, a union created by God. I have to say I think we need to keep Kris and his wife in prayer because the business is not the easiest for marriages.

So, since I'm really happy about the outcome of this years 2009 American Idol...I'm going to head to bed.

Until next time...

P.S...7 days until my birthday!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 3

Wow!!! What a night! This is going to be an interesting night...tomorrow.

Danny - Dance Little Sister
I had never heard the song before tonight. I really liked it. It was a great choice for him. He did a good job with the vocals. Something that bugs me...when they don't have something negative to say about the singing...they will try to find something to criticize...with Danny tonight it was the "dancing."

Side note - It's interesting how sometimes Simon will say it's a "singing" competition, but other times he talks about the "whole" package. I personally think it's a singing competition...because they don't get help from mentors about the "whole" package. They have singing mentors. Now sometimes the mentor from the week will mention something else other than singing...i.e. Jamie Fox and Quinton Tarrantino (spelling?), but usually they just mentor as a vocal performance. If we are to be judging with the whole package then we need to get help for the contestants - instead of hiring the extra judge...hiring someone to help with the "whole" package.

Kris - Apologize
Kara and Randy picked this song for him. I personally enjoyed the song. Maybe because he didn't try to do more with the song. It may have been a different take on guitar, but since he didn't perform it that way I'll judge his performance. Like I said, I liked it. I like how it showed his upper range on the first chorus. Kris doesn't sing a lot in his upper register and he does a good job when he's there. Well done!

A.Lambert- One
Simon chose a song by U2 and made a big deal how he got permission to use it. Pat on Simon's back. Before i get to the performance as a vocal critique...I want to say the ear piece was causing a distraction for me. He looked like he had spock ears.

Okay...I've got that off my chest...for the vocal performance. I liked the beginning and end, but the middle with the "screaming" I wasn't too fond of. A.Lambert has a great voice, but I think because he's a rocker at heart...he likes to "scream" through his songs. It doesn't do much for me. Ihave liked a few of his performances in the past, but lately it's gotten on my nerves.

Another side note - The judges are getting on my nerves at this point. I agree w/what Simon said to Kara about her critique of Kris' song. If she wanted him to play guitar she should have told him to do it. When the judges began putting their hands over the others mouth, because they wanted them to stop talking it was a bit childish. Of course my response would have been considered childish...I would have licked their hands. LOL!!! Anyway it was annoying me tonight.

Second half

Danny - You Are So Beautiful
WOW!!! Amazing song choice...good vocal performance. The arrangement I thought was an excellent choice. I thought the first song showed his fun side, and the second one his amazing vocal ability...and his sensitive side. GREAT JOB!!!

Kris - Heartless
Double WOW!!! When I heard his song choice, I got a little worried. I thought...Kenya West for Kris??? What is he thinking...MAN!!! He was thinking...I want to win this title of American Idol. AMAZING. I gave it a standing mom mentioned I hadn't done that for Danny, but I have to say that Kris really surprised me with that choice...and I thought deserved the standing O...

A.Lambert - Cryin'
A.Lambert is a rocker...we all know that. He definitely should make a rock CD...and when he does I will not be purchasing it. There is a difference in the type of rock I like to listen to and the type of rock that A.Lambert does. You put Daughtry and A.Lambert on the same stage...and Daughtry will have my vote 10 times over. A.Lambert is an 80's type rocker...I didn't like rock back then because it was too much screaming...and with the song Cryin' that's what he did. Yes Steven Tyler does the song that way...and A LOT of people like it. But for me it's just not my taste.

One thing about American Idol I'd like to remind people...American Idol is about pleasing all types of people. Look at Carrie Underwood...amazing country vocalist, but her music is also played on the pop radio stations. It's something that is able to cross the music lines. Not a lot of country artists can do that. David Cook was amazing last year...being the first "rocker" to win the title of American Idol, but when you listen to his songs they are a wild range...there are some ballads and some harder stuff...something that can be listened to by a wide range of people - or America. When it comes to the three final contestants of 2009 American Idol...I have to say that there are two that would make AMAZING American Idols. And one of them is not A.Lambert.

My choice for the final two are: Danny and Kris...I know it may be a shock to those of you who are A.Lambert fans, but in all honesty I can't say that A.Lambert is an American Idol. He may sail to the finale and win, but he will not be someone that I support.

Until tomorrow night....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Still My God has been a better evening than morning/afternoon. It hasn't been the best at work lately and I'm not seeing a light anytime soon. I'm beginning to pray if God is beginning to set me in a moving direction...not physically moving away, but the possibility of a new career direction. Right now, I'm just praying. I don't want to leave my job, but if that's what God is doing, then I don't want to stay.

It began this morning, when Joyce and I found out that the secretary's conference was today. It was only a day long, but still we did not hear anything about it, and that's unusual. Then Joyce was asking about another vacation. She has been there for 15 years, and she's only has two weeks vacation + 5 personal days. Well...the boss said, "No!" Just as she said, "there really isn't any advancement in the job, there's no way to work our way up the ladder, what is it that we can look forward to in the future?" Right's nothing!

I have also had a few days experiences that I'm not too pleased with...but I don't think it's time to just run away from it, just because of those bad I'm praying and waiting on God.

I have been studying the book of Ruth. In the first verse, we find that there is a famine in Bethlehem (a place that means land of Bread) in the land of Judah (meaning a place of praise). So this place called the land of Bread in the place of praise, there is a food. What does Elimelech do? He takes his family to the place of Moab...a place that didn't believe in God. There Elimelech died, and his sons married Moabite women (Orpah and Ruth). Later the sons died. In the study, a question was asked, "Instead of travelling to Moab during the famine what should Elimelech have done?" The answer is seek God, humbling himself, turning from any wicked way, and waiting to hear from God. So when I see famine in the land (or troubles at work), I need not rush and leave that job, but wait on God's timing. Seek His face, and turn from any wick way, and wait for God to show me what to do. I know in the past I may have rushed ahead of God and have caused a blessing to not be bestowed upon me. Or maybe have settled for less than God's best. God allows us to make choices in our life, but when we wait for His leading, the results can be amazing.

Now, I've had that thought in mind...and God allows me to find an amazing song of the moment. It's called "Still My God." I was on the Internet tonight searching for songs for the group I:43 to learn. We have reunited again and are hoping to be used by God in our music ministry. It's been good to be back singing with my girls. I have missed it. And when I searched for a song by Avalon called "For Freedom", I came across this song by them called "Still My God." I immediately went to YouTube to find a sample of the song and found one with lyrics with it. I think it's good to have the lyrics while watching because you can really get what the song is I wanted to post it for you all to read and hear. I think it may be a song that I:43 will add to their repertoire. I hope you all enjoy it too.

American Idol - top 4 Results

I'm thankfully shocked tonight. I wasn't expecting that Kris and Danny both be in the top 3. I am going to miss Allison...I didn't think she has been the strongest performer, but I still liked her at times.

Now...I know that a lot of controversery has been around Danny's last note. Yes the scream didn't sound the best...and it did sound a little on the horror movie...but the rest of the song was pretty good. I love him and I am pulling for him. I know it's going to be tough...especially since A.Lambert is still in it. I really would have liked to see him go, but knew he was going to make it because of the theme being "his" theme.

Well...that's all for this post. I want to write another one, because I found a new song of the moment.

American Idol - Top 4

Well, I must first say that this week was not going to be a good one for me. I'm not really into the "Rock-n-Roll" music. Classic rock the more popular songs I can handle, but I honestly have never heard any of the songs chosen tonight. If I were to have picked a song to sing in this theme, I would have chosen "Supermasive Blackhole" by Muse. But in all honesty the only person I could see doing that song would have been A.Lambert, so it's probably good that he didn't choose it since I'm not a fan of his. Now for my opinions.

A.Lambert - Whole Lotta Love
He is ROCK, that's for sure. Cool ending. Hair was cool again. Not a fan of A.Lambert's upper register vocally. I don't know why, but it just sounds like screaming to me. I know there are millions of fans who like it, but for me it does nothing for me.

Kara was right when she said that this was the type of CD he needs to make...of all his past performances, I think he does better with song he doesn't have the broadway sound to him. I still think my favorite performance for him this year has been the "Black and White" by Michael Jackson.

Since I'm not a huge fan of Zeppelin this song didn't really impress me.

Allison - Cry Baby
Her look was great...she's definitely a rocker chic. Vocally I thought she did great. Belting out when needing to. I actually liked her performance better than A.Lambert, but I still didn't know the song.

Now for the first duet (BTW...who picked who would sing together? Not sure it was a fair choice to be honest...therefore you can't really judge them the same.) Honestly I liked the first duet with Kris and Danny. That harmony was amazing. Yes when they sang separately it lost something, but still the harmony is what I remembered and it was AMAZING! They should definitely sing something together in the future.

Kris - Come Together
I know I should probably know this song since it's a Beetles song, but I can't say I have ever been a fan of the fact in the past Idol shows when they had two weeks of the Beetles, they were my two least favorite weeks.

As far as his performance goes...I liked it. I know the judges were not too fond of it, but I really thought it was a good performance. My dad said at the end of his performance "you can call him Kris Rock". LOL!!

Danny - Dream On
Didn't know the song. I was really worried baout him tonight, because Danny is not a rocker. He's an EXCELLENT singer, but as far as the genre it's just not him. However, I enjoyed his performance the best. He didn't scream (except for the last note), he had some soul in it. He did his best with a genre that he's not comfortable with...when you step out of your comfort zone you will find that it may not be as good as someone who is comfortable in it.

The duet with A.Lambert and Allison. I didn't really like it. I know I say this a lot, but I felt A.Lambert screamed A LOT in it. I don't like screaming when it comes to music...thus the reason I'm not a huge fan of Rock-n-Roll.

Until next time...