Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol performances & results

So I didn't get a chance to write my opinions of the performances and I know it's over now, but I still want to get into print what I thought of it. Here goes...

Round 1 - Personal Pick
A.Lambert - Mad World
This is a song he previously did. I prefer this type of song for A.Lambert. He didn't scream and he had control of his voice. I enjoyed Simon's comment.

Kris - Ain't No Sunshine
I don't remember him singing this before...but he may have. This shows Kris as an incredible artist. He is an underdog/a dark horse in this competition. I'm so rooting for the underdog.
I agree with Simon that round 1 went to Kris hands down.

Round 2 - Chosen by Creator
A.Lambert - Change is Gonna Come
The suit was sharp. Parts of the song was good. I'm easily distracted with his performances, meaning that I'm thinking of other things and not really on what is being done to "entertain" me. I wouldn't say I'm bored, but definitely not entertained.

Kris - What's Goin' On
Would not have been a choice I would have chosen, but since it wasn't a song chosen by him then you have to judge what he did with it. I actually liked it...thought it was neat having an acoustic feel to it...but then again, I like that sound. I thought he did a very good job at it.

I disagreed with Simon saying round 2 went to A.Lambert

Round 3 - Winner's first single
Okay...before I get to the judging of the performance of this song...let me say...I didn't like the song. It didn't make sense to me. I can't believe they had Kara be apart of the writing team. I mean come on...there have been such great songs in the past...why get this one. Anyway...

It just didn't do anything for me. It wasn't his style. I think he tried to make it his, but didn't succeed.

The key was definitely not where it needed to be. I did think the song was better suited for him than A.Lambert. (Note...tonight when he sang it, I think they had adjusted the key, because it did sound much better).

Now I didn't watch the entire show tonight. Most of it was just fill-in just to make you wait. I was pleased with the outcome. I think America got it right again. It looks like they are on a roll.

I know a lot has been said that A.Lambert was the first chance for a gay American Idol. I know he was close, but America still chose someone with morals and values. Kris is a married man, and has displayed his wife the entire time throughout the competition. Even when Simon made a comment about how he should have kept her hidden because the girls wouldn't like this fact. Maybe America wants to have morals and values to be displayed. Marriages to show they are sacred, a union created by God. I have to say I think we need to keep Kris and his wife in prayer because the business is not the easiest for marriages.

So, since I'm really happy about the outcome of this years 2009 American Idol...I'm going to head to bed.

Until next time...

P.S...7 days until my birthday!!!

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