Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - Top 3

Wow!!! What a night! This is going to be an interesting night...tomorrow.

Danny - Dance Little Sister
I had never heard the song before tonight. I really liked it. It was a great choice for him. He did a good job with the vocals. Something that bugs me...when they don't have something negative to say about the singing...they will try to find something to criticize...with Danny tonight it was the "dancing."

Side note - It's interesting how sometimes Simon will say it's a "singing" competition, but other times he talks about the "whole" package. I personally think it's a singing competition...because they don't get help from mentors about the "whole" package. They have singing mentors. Now sometimes the mentor from the week will mention something else other than singing...i.e. Jamie Fox and Quinton Tarrantino (spelling?), but usually they just mentor as a vocal performance. If we are to be judging with the whole package then we need to get help for the contestants - instead of hiring the extra judge...hiring someone to help with the "whole" package.

Kris - Apologize
Kara and Randy picked this song for him. I personally enjoyed the song. Maybe because he didn't try to do more with the song. It may have been a different take on guitar, but since he didn't perform it that way I'll judge his performance. Like I said, I liked it. I like how it showed his upper range on the first chorus. Kris doesn't sing a lot in his upper register and he does a good job when he's there. Well done!

A.Lambert- One
Simon chose a song by U2 and made a big deal how he got permission to use it. Pat on Simon's back. Before i get to the performance as a vocal critique...I want to say the ear piece was causing a distraction for me. He looked like he had spock ears.

Okay...I've got that off my chest...for the vocal performance. I liked the beginning and end, but the middle with the "screaming" I wasn't too fond of. A.Lambert has a great voice, but I think because he's a rocker at heart...he likes to "scream" through his songs. It doesn't do much for me. Ihave liked a few of his performances in the past, but lately it's gotten on my nerves.

Another side note - The judges are getting on my nerves at this point. I agree w/what Simon said to Kara about her critique of Kris' song. If she wanted him to play guitar she should have told him to do it. When the judges began putting their hands over the others mouth, because they wanted them to stop talking it was a bit childish. Of course my response would have been considered childish...I would have licked their hands. LOL!!! Anyway it was annoying me tonight.

Second half

Danny - You Are So Beautiful
WOW!!! Amazing song choice...good vocal performance. The arrangement I thought was an excellent choice. I thought the first song showed his fun side, and the second one his amazing vocal ability...and his sensitive side. GREAT JOB!!!

Kris - Heartless
Double WOW!!! When I heard his song choice, I got a little worried. I thought...Kenya West for Kris??? What is he thinking...MAN!!! He was thinking...I want to win this title of American Idol. AMAZING. I gave it a standing O...my mom mentioned I hadn't done that for Danny, but I have to say that Kris really surprised me with that choice...and I thought deserved the standing O...

A.Lambert - Cryin'
A.Lambert is a rocker...we all know that. He definitely should make a rock CD...and when he does I will not be purchasing it. There is a difference in the type of rock I like to listen to and the type of rock that A.Lambert does. You put Daughtry and A.Lambert on the same stage...and Daughtry will have my vote 10 times over. A.Lambert is an 80's type rocker...I didn't like rock back then because it was too much screaming...and with the song Cryin' that's what he did. Yes Steven Tyler does the song that way...and A LOT of people like it. But for me it's just not my taste.

One thing about American Idol I'd like to remind people...American Idol is about pleasing all types of people. Look at Carrie Underwood...amazing country vocalist, but her music is also played on the pop radio stations. It's something that is able to cross the music lines. Not a lot of country artists can do that. David Cook was amazing last year...being the first "rocker" to win the title of American Idol, but when you listen to his songs they are a wild range...there are some ballads and some harder stuff...something that can be listened to by a wide range of people - or America. When it comes to the three final contestants of 2009 American Idol...I have to say that there are two that would make AMAZING American Idols. And one of them is not A.Lambert.

My choice for the final two are: Danny and Kris...I know it may be a shock to those of you who are A.Lambert fans, but in all honesty I can't say that A.Lambert is an American Idol. He may sail to the finale and win, but he will not be someone that I support.

Until tomorrow night....

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