Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Idol - top 4 Results

I'm thankfully shocked tonight. I wasn't expecting that Kris and Danny both be in the top 3. I am going to miss Allison...I didn't think she has been the strongest performer, but I still liked her at times.

Now...I know that a lot of controversery has been around Danny's last note. Yes the scream didn't sound the best...and it did sound a little on the horror movie...but the rest of the song was pretty good. I love him and I am pulling for him. I know it's going to be tough...especially since A.Lambert is still in it. I really would have liked to see him go, but knew he was going to make it because of the theme being "his" theme.

Well...that's all for this post. I want to write another one, because I found a new song of the moment.

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