Wednesday, May 06, 2009

American Idol - Top 4

Well, I must first say that this week was not going to be a good one for me. I'm not really into the "Rock-n-Roll" music. Classic rock the more popular songs I can handle, but I honestly have never heard any of the songs chosen tonight. If I were to have picked a song to sing in this theme, I would have chosen "Supermasive Blackhole" by Muse. But in all honesty the only person I could see doing that song would have been A.Lambert, so it's probably good that he didn't choose it since I'm not a fan of his. Now for my opinions.

A.Lambert - Whole Lotta Love
He is ROCK, that's for sure. Cool ending. Hair was cool again. Not a fan of A.Lambert's upper register vocally. I don't know why, but it just sounds like screaming to me. I know there are millions of fans who like it, but for me it does nothing for me.

Kara was right when she said that this was the type of CD he needs to make...of all his past performances, I think he does better with song he doesn't have the broadway sound to him. I still think my favorite performance for him this year has been the "Black and White" by Michael Jackson.

Since I'm not a huge fan of Zeppelin this song didn't really impress me.

Allison - Cry Baby
Her look was great...she's definitely a rocker chic. Vocally I thought she did great. Belting out when needing to. I actually liked her performance better than A.Lambert, but I still didn't know the song.

Now for the first duet (BTW...who picked who would sing together? Not sure it was a fair choice to be honest...therefore you can't really judge them the same.) Honestly I liked the first duet with Kris and Danny. That harmony was amazing. Yes when they sang separately it lost something, but still the harmony is what I remembered and it was AMAZING! They should definitely sing something together in the future.

Kris - Come Together
I know I should probably know this song since it's a Beetles song, but I can't say I have ever been a fan of the fact in the past Idol shows when they had two weeks of the Beetles, they were my two least favorite weeks.

As far as his performance goes...I liked it. I know the judges were not too fond of it, but I really thought it was a good performance. My dad said at the end of his performance "you can call him Kris Rock". LOL!!

Danny - Dream On
Didn't know the song. I was really worried baout him tonight, because Danny is not a rocker. He's an EXCELLENT singer, but as far as the genre it's just not him. However, I enjoyed his performance the best. He didn't scream (except for the last note), he had some soul in it. He did his best with a genre that he's not comfortable with...when you step out of your comfort zone you will find that it may not be as good as someone who is comfortable in it.

The duet with A.Lambert and Allison. I didn't really like it. I know I say this a lot, but I felt A.Lambert screamed A LOT in it. I don't like screaming when it comes to music...thus the reason I'm not a huge fan of Rock-n-Roll.

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