Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Still My God has been a better evening than morning/afternoon. It hasn't been the best at work lately and I'm not seeing a light anytime soon. I'm beginning to pray if God is beginning to set me in a moving direction...not physically moving away, but the possibility of a new career direction. Right now, I'm just praying. I don't want to leave my job, but if that's what God is doing, then I don't want to stay.

It began this morning, when Joyce and I found out that the secretary's conference was today. It was only a day long, but still we did not hear anything about it, and that's unusual. Then Joyce was asking about another vacation. She has been there for 15 years, and she's only has two weeks vacation + 5 personal days. Well...the boss said, "No!" Just as she said, "there really isn't any advancement in the job, there's no way to work our way up the ladder, what is it that we can look forward to in the future?" Right's nothing!

I have also had a few days experiences that I'm not too pleased with...but I don't think it's time to just run away from it, just because of those bad I'm praying and waiting on God.

I have been studying the book of Ruth. In the first verse, we find that there is a famine in Bethlehem (a place that means land of Bread) in the land of Judah (meaning a place of praise). So this place called the land of Bread in the place of praise, there is a food. What does Elimelech do? He takes his family to the place of Moab...a place that didn't believe in God. There Elimelech died, and his sons married Moabite women (Orpah and Ruth). Later the sons died. In the study, a question was asked, "Instead of travelling to Moab during the famine what should Elimelech have done?" The answer is seek God, humbling himself, turning from any wicked way, and waiting to hear from God. So when I see famine in the land (or troubles at work), I need not rush and leave that job, but wait on God's timing. Seek His face, and turn from any wick way, and wait for God to show me what to do. I know in the past I may have rushed ahead of God and have caused a blessing to not be bestowed upon me. Or maybe have settled for less than God's best. God allows us to make choices in our life, but when we wait for His leading, the results can be amazing.

Now, I've had that thought in mind...and God allows me to find an amazing song of the moment. It's called "Still My God." I was on the Internet tonight searching for songs for the group I:43 to learn. We have reunited again and are hoping to be used by God in our music ministry. It's been good to be back singing with my girls. I have missed it. And when I searched for a song by Avalon called "For Freedom", I came across this song by them called "Still My God." I immediately went to YouTube to find a sample of the song and found one with lyrics with it. I think it's good to have the lyrics while watching because you can really get what the song is I wanted to post it for you all to read and hear. I think it may be a song that I:43 will add to their repertoire. I hope you all enjoy it too.

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