Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vessel - Song of the moment

Last year when my mom was asked to speak at a ladies conference she did this really cute song that lip synced to. It was a hit. Well...this year she came to me with the theme of "fill my cup." She wanted to see if we could find a song that would go with the theme. When she asked I wasn't on the same page as she was...she's wanting something funny, yet serious. Anyway...I was in the drive-thru one night listening to my ipod and a song by Chris Sligh came on called "Vessel." I had heard him sing it at the concert last month, but had forgotten about it. I got home and shared it with her and she liked it, but she didn't think she could sing it. I think she can do it...and have begun preparations to try to get music for her to use. I'm hoping that some source will pan out for it.

So, anyway...I wanted to share it with those of you who read this blog. This song really goes well with the message I heard tonight. Matt Herrell (missionary to Peru) spoke about missions. He showed us how Jesus wasn't just mission-minded, but that the missions went to His heart, then out through His hands. God wants to use us...He wants us to not just be mission minded, but have that missions go to our have us become passionate about Him and sharing His message of hope to those who need it...which then in turns helps us to live it out through our hands...actually reaching those. Not just being there at the church, but getting into the trenches and bringing Jesus to them.

"Lord, make of me a vessel, that You can always use, no matter how You break me, what I win or what I lose, let me be a vessel, pure and holy, perfect in Your eyes. Lord, hear me when I cry...for you to make me...a vessel."

Below is the song clip with lyrics...enjoy!

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