Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

My dad's favorite color is I'm writing this blog in green today. Happy Father's Day! I really enjoy this day...a day set aside to thank the man who helped in giving you life. I know that there are people out there without a great example of a dad. I really hate that for them. People who really are troubled in their current life because their dad was a man who abused (both physically and verbally) or who they consider just a "sperm donor." I didn't have that experience. God allowed for me to have an amazing father.

My dad...Charles Jayne...was born 77 years ago. He didn't come from a family of wealth. He served our country in the Air Force. After he married my momma, he met the BEST Father...our Heavenly Father. He was a young man married to my mom with a baby girl and a son on the way. They were in a church service and when the invitation was given, he went forward and said three words..."Lord, Help me!" Since that experience, my dad grew in his faith. He became a servant of the gospel, preaching the salvation message to others. He pastored many churches over these years, and has preached at many more at one time or another. He has even helped with the teaching of others in the Bible in various Bible Schools and Colleges.

My dad, is a man of faith. When I think of him as a father, I can only be pointed to my Heavenly Father - The Father to the fatherless. My dad's example of being a father helped to point me to Jesus. (Even though it was my mom who led me in the sinner's prayer that night), my dad's messages where planting the seeds I needed for that step to take in accepting the gift of salvation.

God is good. He allowed me to have a WONDERFUL example of how a father should be. God has given me the desire to wait for HIS best...not just a guy who sweeps me off my feet. But a man strong in his faith (like my dad), a man who shares a love for godly things (like my dad), a man who loves the word of God (like my dad)...who knows maybe a man who preaches the word (like my dad)...whatever the case may be...I want to wait for the man that God is preparing for me...I don't want to settle for less than God's best. I want a man who treats me like Jesus is gonna treat me. I want a man ... like my dad.

I love you daddy...

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful tribute to a very godly man. Charles' life has been an example to we cannot count. Thanks for those words from a great gal! Norma jean Saten