Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on life in general... has been a little while since I last wrote. It has also begun the VBS decoration season...which I loving call the "crazy season." I really like doing it, or I wouldn't get myself involved. Since my last post, I celebrated my 39th birthday. It was one of the best birthdays I've had...The picture is one of my gifts. I collect penguins, and my friend Kat and her husband Ben got it for me. I named him Phoenix Wakefield. He is going to be volunteering to be apart of the VBS decorations this year. So I have been trying to keep him clean and not sleep with him like I normally would. Maybe after VBS is over, I'll be able to enjoy snuggling with him.

I have also found out that my futon is broken. I am in the process of getting my room ready to take the futon out and just have my twin bed again. I will miss having it, but then again, I didn't sleep a lot in my twin bed, because of the crazy laddar to climb. LOL!!! This past week though I have had to climb the laddar, so that I can sleep in my twin bed (with the good mattress)...I have to say my sleeping has been really good. I don't think I have woke up since my head hits the pillow...maybe one night this week I had a little trouble, but usually when I'm sleeping on my futon I would wake up several times...I think this will be a good thing to do.

Let see...I hope to post during VBS (which will be July 5th through the 10th). I will have a few days from VBS then I'll be heading to the summer wedding that I'm going to be a bridemaids in. It is sorta my vacation this year. YUCK!! Would rather be spending it at the beach.

I'm praying about a job situation. I don't know if it's time for me to change positions or not. I have been putting my resume in different places. I do hope something will open up, or that I'll be able to enjoy my work establishment again.

Bible study on Wednesday has been very good. Pastor has been preaching about the demands of Jesus. The last two weeks he spoke on humility. First week, more about pride and what that is, and then second week was more focused on humbling ourselves before God. He mentioned about us having eaten humble pie for the last two weeks...I asked him after church if we would be fasting in the next demand, he said, "not yet." I questioned him that he would be speaking on that...he said, "yup that's one of them." Great!! More conviction to come. LOL!!!

I've been making some changes since I turned 39...I have started my workout program again. I worked out three days (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) the first week (May 25th). The second week I bumped it up to 4 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). And this week I have bumped it up to 5 days (Monday - Friday). I really have wanted to make this change...and turning 39 seemed to be a good number to do it.

Well...I do hope to get back into writing more in this blog. Until next time....

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