Monday, July 06, 2009

Day 2 of VBS...Monday night

Survived another night of VBS. I am really enjoying the theme this year...Polar Extreme: All of me...All out for God. I really believe that if these kids can get ahold of this theme...the impact on their lives will be amazing.

I got to talk with Jacob tonight (he is the son of the man who was saved Sunday morning). He told me that after VBS is over that they were going to get baptized. It excites me that they are planning to follow Jesus in baptism.

I also got information from one kid, who said, "He can sing, just not church songs." I told him he just needed more practice.

Tonight was another good night. The kids are catching onto the songs. I really want to thank my friend Kat who has stepped up to learn the guitar chords for the theme song. She loves playing the guitar and may not win any awards for her playing at this time, but she's playing to please God and I know He's in heaven with a smile on His face.

I forgot to mention the totals for attendance yesterday. The workers were 27, in the adult class 11, I can't remember the amount of kids we had...I know it was above 50 some. Tonight's totals were up in some places. Our workers were 25 (two were unable to make it), the adult class had 7, but the kids were 80 some. I'll try to remember to bring the figures home with me tomorrow night. I wrote them down, but still forgot.

Tonight's memory verse was an easy one. I do pray the children will memorize this one to receive an extra credit for the store at the end of the week. The verse is from John 14:15 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Jesus is talking in this passage and just simple tells those he is speaking to..."If you love, keep my commandments"...basically "if you love me, do what I've told you to do." The kids caught on.

My friend Kat has her niece here this week. When I came in tonight, she said, "I know the verse from last night" and she said it to me. She had called her teacher during the day to let her know that she knew it too (her teacher is Kat's mother-in-law). She has also found love in her class. This little boy who looks like Shia cute.

My 3rd & 4th graders are learning a song called "How Awesome is the Lord." It's one of my favorite songs for this year. I found it on a Praise CD for kids. Those kids are catching on with it...I think it will be a good program on Friday. Please pray the kids will come for the program even though they will be singing...most of them will try to get out of the program...but I'm really hoping that all of them come for it and the carnival.

Until tomorrow night...

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