Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day 4 of VBS

I was totally worn out last I didn't write the update...apologies to those who were looking forward to reading it last night (maybe the 1 of you that reads this. LOL!) Anyway...We had in attendance 67 kids, 8 adults and 27 workers for a total of 102. We were down from the last night, but it was a good night.

The offering total is $190.68. We are calling it "Gateway Gives Back." I'll inform where the offering will be given at the end of the week when it's revealed to the kids.

There is something about growing up and singing in public...even with a group the size of 9 or 10. My 7th & 8th graders apparently think that singing in public is not "cool"...even though the majority of them watch American Idol. We tried to explain about a lot of those singers start out singing in VBS or Sunday choirs and even a member or leader of a worship team (aka Danny Gokey). When Ben and Mary were explaining this to the kids, they said, "Danny Gokey is DeeJay at his church" I made a comment, "He just does it right." LOL!!! I do enjoy music...I do enjoy hearing kids...teens...and even adults singing ... especially when it comes from the heart. I know people who will get up and sing...maybe not get the notes all right, but their hearts are singing for God's glory and praise. That's when it's right. And I've been impressed with one of my 7th & 8th grade boys...I can hear him singing out and that helps the other boys to sing out...but then if you get a little close to him...he will back off, but as long as you are not close to him...he will sing out. It's very helpful. The song this group will be singing is "Shout to the Lord." We explained that when they sing this song they are to be singing to Jesus in Heaven. I get this mental picture of him sitting on the throne with his eyes closed enjoying the sounds coming from this small group of kids. It's a really nice picture, and if only these kids could get a glimpse of it, they would realize what this simple way of worship is meaning to our Heavenly Father. I know it would change each of them.

Well...just one more night...then our carnival and program will be Friday night. I'm taking tomorrow off to get a little rest and also prepare for the carnival. I hope to get some of the church cleaned night so that it will be easier on me on Saturday to just have to clean the downstairs areas.

Until next time...

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