Thursday, July 23, 2009

VBS - wrap up

So I didn't get the chance to finish out the VBS week. It was a hectic week, but an amazing one too. We had our program on Friday - July 10th and carnival followed the program. The kids did well. My parents were able to come and see the program. As well as my niece Marisa and her husband Adam. I had family to come in town that evening and then the following Wednesday (15th) left for a friends wedding in the great state of PA.

This blog entry will be about the VBS wrap up though. The offering was over $600 and went to a couple in the church - Meredith and Cheryl Johnson. This couple for the past several years has been in charge of the VBS planning. They have a heart for children and any opportunity to work with them they are first to volunteer. This past year Meredith was diagnosed with cancer. He has been having treatments that have really taken a toll of him. The hospitals are working with them on the bills, but there is no income for them as they are living by faith.

Our church wanted to use the offering the kids would be bringing to give back to them. The entire time we called it "Gateway Gives Back." Because we were giving to a couple in the church. The kids did amazing. The contest between the girls and boys was neck and neck as of Wednesday night, but the final night of VBS the boys brought in 48 pounds of money and the girls brought in 30 some. It was a great night. I didn't get a final total as there was money brought in the night of the program.

There were no salvations reported, but I do believe seeds were planted and lives were changed...mine in particular. I'll write more about that later in another blog.

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