Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday to my brother Tim (yesterday), to my sister Mary (today) and Heidi O'Brien (today), to my dad (Monday) and my friend Ben (Tuesday).

Last night began the birthday celebrations. My brother Tim had a celebration at his house...with taco salad. I really like taco salad...and it was really good. After we ate, I went to take a walk with my niece Marisa and her husband Adam and great niece Chloe. It was such a good time. The walk was about 2 miles I logged in a total of 4 miles that day. YEAH!!!

Today will be a celebration for my friend Ben. Since his birthday is on Tuesday this is the best day to celebrate his day. My sister lives in Nebraska, so I don't get to spend her day with her, but I will be celebrating in spirit.

For our friends birthdays, we let the birthday person decide what they want to do. Last year Ben chose a progressive dinner. We began at Buffalo Wild Wings (in Ironton, OH) for appetizers, Olive Garden (in Barboursville, WV) for the main choice, and to Fred's (in Wheelersburg, OH) for hot fudge sundaes. We took the church van, as most of us were apart of the Sunday school class. It was a good time and driving time between was good to let the food settle. This year, Ben has done it again...he has decided to have each of his friends cook part of the meal. We will be having, ribs and chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, mac & cheese, and desserts. We will also have some appetizers too. I don't know what the plans are after the dinner, but we will probably hang out at the new house.

Well...speaking of cooking...I need to get my tortilla roll-ups together. Have a wonderful day...

Until next time...

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