Saturday, August 29, 2009

A message for Uncle Paul

Edit...Took the video off this post has been changed...
My brother Paul is hilarious. He loves to tease the nieces and nephews of the family. My sister Leah's three boys were having fun one day and wanted to give a message to their Uncle Paul. I got them together and filmed their message. Thought I'd go ahead and share it with you all.

The boys love to wear capes and they are always pretending to be super heros. Paul loves to get in their faces and say "I'm Batman." That two word statement get an argument started, "No, I'm Batman" to which he replies "I'm Batman" in his deep piercing voice. It can go on for quite sometime. Well...since this message was recorded for Uncle Paul the fight is not breaking out. Nicholas delivers his lines with ease, but Jacob gets a little wild wanted to make sure that Uncle Paul knows he means business. Brock...bless his just the comedian of the bunch. Wearing the nail that pierces his head. The look at the end is priceless.

Uncle Paul, I know you know your visit will be welcomed and they are probably gonna be counting down the days until they see you again.

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