Sunday, September 13, 2009

Praise Wars...My Tribute

I just heard this term "Praise Wars" from an interview with one of my favorite Worship Leaders - Israel Houghton. The interviewer asked do you deal with "Praise Wars" where we are now separating our praise services - one being traditional, one being contemporary - how many churches are having trouble getting a balance. Israel, who I believe did an amazing job bringing this balance with his recording "My Tribute," said his Spiritual mentor encouraged him to use what is known as a sandwich theory. Where you take something traditional and sandwich it with something contemporary. On his latest release "The Power of One," Israel included "My Tribute" which he sings the incredible Andre Crouch song "My Tribute" and puts a little Chris Tomlin "How Great is Our God". Israel has learned the sandwich theory and is doing a good job bringing that to us. Just wanted to share this with you all...

It is about bringing praise to God.

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