Thursday, October 08, 2009

All That is Within Me...**'s been awhile since I wrote anything. Momma hasn't complained about me not writing, but I thought I'd share with a few happenings.

Happenings at Church -
Church is my second home. I would say my work is my second home, but Church is my second home I like. LOL!!! I am custodian at church and it's really nice to see improvements made. Also I took upon the position of Nursery chairperson. The board wanted to have someone in charge of nursery that wasn't able to always work in it. We had one lady who would stay and we loved that she enjoyed it, but we felt she didn't want to ask other people and so she would just stay there. Since I have another ministry (leading music) it wouldn't work out for me to stay in the nursery. So I mentioned to pastor I would test it and see if we can get some things started. One of the things needed was basically a whole new nursery. Our nursery hadn't been re-decorated since the 80's (I believe). Pastor's wife and I picked out new paint and she helped me in getting new carpet and a chair picked out. I will have to run to get a baby bed and she will be getting new toys for our nursery...age appropriate toys that is. Right now there were so many toys that were for older children, I'm surprised we hadn't had a problem with chocking.

While the Pastor and Lynn (a trustee) painted the nursery they began seeing other things they could improve. One being the hallway and stairway. There was this dark hunter green paint that was very dreary half way up the wall and then cream color the rest of the way. They decided to paint it yellow (same color as our fellowship hall). It is so bright now and they also took care of getting rid of some eye sore items. It has been nice to see the church getting spruced up.

We will begin Revival meetings October 25th (evening service) and continue through October 28th (Wednesday). John Gowdy will be our speaker. He is a local pastor in the next county. My brother David went to College with him.

Happenings at work --
Well...I'll be attending school next month for work. My boss approached me about getting my license. I don't know that I would ever use it if I ever left this job, but for now, I think it may be best for me to do it. It may help me with knowing my job better.

Happenings at home --
Well...I have begun to work on my workouts differently. I was doing the Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone, but wanted to kick it this week I decided to do WATP three days this week - Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Cardio Max - The Biggest Loser workout on Tuesday and Thursday. I survived both days of Cardio Max. Bob (Harper) the Trainer, kicked my butt. WOW!!!

I got a new closet...or new closet shelves. I also took my closet apart and am now putting it back together (slowly). I want to make sure things are going in the right places. I don't want to just stuff everything back into the closet and then have a messy closet again. I want it to be organized and helpful. I'm thankful that my mom has patience, because most of my closet stuff is in her sewing room. Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be out of there.

Well...that's all for now. Not really a lot happening, but in a way quite a bit at church.

Until next time...

** "All That is Within Me" is the title of a CD by Mercy Me.

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