Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facing the Giants...the Death Crawl...

My favorite movie is "Facing the Giants." In that movie there is a speech from Coach Taylor that says "I want God to bless this team so much people will talk about what He did. But it means we gotta give Him our best in every area. And if we win, we praise Him. And if we lose, we praise Him. Either way we honor Him with our actions and our attitudes. So I'm askin' you... What are you living for? I resolve to give God everything I've got, then I'll leave the results up to Him. I want to know if you'll join me." This speech has become a reminder of how I need to live my life to show others that God is in control of my life.

One of those areas I have struggled with is the area of my weight. I am a heavy person. Awhile back I had a hard time to say that. Mainly because I was living in denial. I knew I was not a healthy person and I was getting out of control. Of course over the past few years I have attempted to do something about it, only to fail and gain most of the weight that I had lost ... if not more.

Well...I believe that for the past several months God has been placing it on my heart to blog about my new life change. Goals set to honor God with my actions and attitude. My actions (or lack of actions) have not been the greatest in the area of my weight loss/non-activity. God has shown me that I need to step it up in this area.

Since May 27th, I have begun a workout program. In the past, I have not always giving my all, but I have kept a better record of what my progress has been. I'm trying to look at this as a lifestyle change. Making small changes in the area of eating and working out...and hopefully end up getting small results.

This movie is an inspiration to me in my progress...Many times I will feel like I can't do something in my workout program, but I try to attempt it and even if I have to modify the workout move, I try to keep going. I have found that doing this has helped me to see other areas that need to be changed.

I'm reading the book (again) by Bob Harper "Are You Ready?" I have a picture of me reading it while eating a candy bar. After my friend took that picture, I realized a choice I could have made was to not have the candy bar. I I am reading a book to change my eating habits, yet no change was made. It has been helpful to me to make better decisions.

I hope to blog more regularly about my progress. I feel maybe getting more accountability will help me in this journey of changing my life to be more healthy and therefore, honoring God.

I want to leave this blog with a scene - one of my favorites - from Facing the Giants. This scene is something that I try to remember when I'm attempting to workout. I just have to give my best and leave the results up to God.


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