Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So much has happened in these past several weeks

I haven't been the best at blogging this year. I really like blogging, but when I'm on the computer I just don't have the thoughts to complete something or it just doesn't seem like it's important. catch up. I quit my job at the Bureau last Wednesday. I have off until January 4th when I begin orientation with the hospital. Pray for me as I begin this next phase of my work life.

Things at church have been busy. I'm running sound for the children's Christmas play. I ran it for the time the young adults performed the Charlie Brown Christmas play, so I'm getting the opportunity to do it again.

I also painted backdrops and got some things ready for scenes. It should be a good play, but be praying for everything to go smoothly...especially with the sound.

Today is Christmas Adam...because Adam came before Eve...LOL!! I know lame joke, but hope this Christmas season is a good one for everyone who reads this blog. Also I hope that remember the real reason we celebrate Christmas...because Jesus came as a baby and grew up and became the sacrifice for our sins.

Until next time...

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