Monday, January 04, 2010

Decision making...

Have you ever made a decision and wondered if it was the right one to make? Or after you have went through the process just wanted confirmation that it was right? Well...both have happened to me recently.

A few months ago, I had decided to look for employment elsewhere. My current job was a good job, provided money to pay the bills, but there was really no fulfillment. I did my job well, and the boss and co-workers liked me, but at the end of the day, I would ask I want to do this forever???? The answer was no, so I applied at a hospital after my niece had told me of a position that she thought would be good for me. The process began with a clerical test. It was an interesting test, but I was concerned because there were a lot of medical terminology that I wasn't familiar with. During this time, I proceeded to continue with my current job and what my boss was asking me to do...get education for a license. After the second day in class, I just thought "this is NOT what I want to do for the rest of my life." Classes were over and it was time to get ready to schedule for a test to get my license. Well...a couple of days after being back, I got a call from the hospital letting me know that my results had been read for the clerical test and the next process was a telephone interview.

After the telephone interview, I was set up for another interview in person. This was with one of the heads of the clinics of the hospital. She was very pleasant and I felt the interview went well. A couple of days later, I was offered a position and I accepted the position and gave a two week notice.

This past couple of days, I have felt a little nervous about starting new again. I had told my boss that I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone and that staying in my old position would be the easy thing to do. Well...when I got to orientation today, I immediately felt at home. As they went through the history of the hospital, I got another good feeling. The hospital was began because of a verse in John 14:13. It was just a comfort to know a couple of that the people giving orientation were not ashamed to stated the company began on Christian values and two during our time at the pastoral care seminar that the CEO and the head of pastoral care meet and pray about things in the hospital. That's very comforting. The decision that I had made to leave the company I was with was not questioned at all.

I'm just thankful that God provides us sometimes with that comfort when decision making. That He sometimes lets us in on the knowledge that the decision was the right one. Sometimes...we are left in the dark, but this time He provided that comfort.

Until next time...

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