Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope the beginning of 2010 was a good one for you all. Yesterday I did my workout and got all my water for the day. I didn't take my medication though, I forgot...Hopefully that will be the only day I forget this year...

I begin my new job on Monday...It will be a new experience and I do believe that God worked things out for me to be there, but it's still stepping out of my comfort zone.

I can't believe my two weeks off went by so quickly. I have today and tomorrow and then back to work. How quickly time flies.

I began my Bible reading for the year. I'm using a different approach this year. I think it will help me because when I have to read through a book sometimes I get lost and it falls to the wayside until I decided to pick up at another book. This approach is different because each day you are reading out of a particular part of the Bible. For instance, I began on Friday (New Year's Day) and I read prophecy for that day. It was 6 chapters in Isaiah. Today's reading is the gospels which will be 2 chapters in Matthew. Tomorrow is Epistles and it will begin in Romans. Monday is the Law which is in Genesis. Tuesday is History and that will begin in Joshua. Wednesday is Psalms (by the end of the 52 weeks, I will have read through Psalms in one year), and Thursday is Poetry. I have made cards for each day for book marks so it should be easy to find where I need to be. I'm using the ESV to read it this year.

Well...that's all for now. I need to fit a workout in today and relax too...LOL!!

Until next time...

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