Monday, January 11, 2010

Until the Whole World Hears

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me. Actually last week was pretty busy...getting back to work after being off for two weeks was not fun, but I was in training all last week and it wasn't too bad. Yesterday morning, pastor preached on the topic of the habit of service. It was a really good message and I really needed it after the Sunday school class that I had. I had been subing for the regular teacher and she decided she was going to have to give the class up. It is a difficult decision, but with some personal things going on, it was something she felt she needed to do. So yesterday was my first day of knowing I'd be teaching for a little while.

It's the Pre-school class, and the kids I have there regularly are cousins. One of them is very difficult to handle at times. I have had to put him in the corner and yesterday I was trying to talk to him and had a hold of his hands. He began pulling away and I told him to not pull because if I let go he would fall. So, he kept pulling and I let go. He didn't hurt himself, but of course, from downstairs it sounded like I drop kicked him to the floor.

Last night, Pastor preached from Revelation 14, where the harvest is...He brought out that if anyone is unsaved hearing that message should result in a response...and for those of us who are saved, should be telling everyone we come into contact with about Jesus' gift of salvation. On the way home, I was listening to K-Love and heard "Until the Whole World Hears" by Casting Crowns. I realized what a great song to help with the impact of the message. We need to be sharing the word to those in our communities. God is patient, but there will be time that he will call us home. We need to be preparing the way as we wait for His coming.

Here is a link for the song by Casting Crowns. I thought it would be good to share it too.

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