Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Doxology

The "Doxology" is a song that is very special to my family. We sing it together at family gatherings before meals or before opening presents at Buckeye Christmas. IT's just one of those songs that totally helps a person to focus on the real reason we are gathering together. Even in our family situations, the reason we are able to gather together is because of God. So that simple little chorus is a great way to get our focus where it should be.

Tonight my friend Kat called me to let me know that she had talked with our Pastor about doing some contemporary worship music in our services every now and then. She was also checking into some other things to incorporate for those services as well as some VBS stuff.

Anyway, while I was checking out some worship music I found a "New Doxology." It was interesting because I love the regular Doxology, but when I found the "New Doxology" online at Youtube, I was really excited to hear it. It's just great when songs can be updated and still keep a good message.

Here is the video with words...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Somebody!

Well...The dreaded day is here. LOL! It's not that I HATE this day, it's just that it sometimes feels like a day that the commercialism made up to allow us single people that we are alone ... again.

Anyway...I thought I'd think about something positive today...and Mandisa is helping me. I really like this song that she sang featuring Tobymac..."Love Somebody." Even if you are alone this Valentine's Day you can still find someone to love and show that love to them. There may be someone who has lost their Valentine by death or other means...show that that person that someone loves them. Or maybe you know someone who doesn't have a Valentine this year...invite them to dinner so they aren't celebrating alone. They may take you up on the invitation, or they may have other plans, but let them know that they are loved...Because God has commanded that we love one another.

Below is the song that is inspiring this post...enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

I try to enjoy this day even though it's not a favorite day of mine. I know that most couples (especially married couples) don't really do anything special, but for us single people, it's a reminder that we are alone. I have some great friends who are girls and we are going to celebrate our "Anti-Valentine's Day" on Saturday. My friend Mary and I did this a few years ago. Last year, we were heading to Charleston to pick up dresses for a friends wedding, and after we finished in Charleston, WV we came back through Huntington and had dinner and went to see "He's Just Not That Into You." It was a good movie and a reminder that if the guy isn't treating you in a way of showing you that you are important to him it's just not worth our time.

I have been in a few relationships, but honestly when I look back on them, I really haven't found that special guy. I'm thankful that I can say I never let the right guy get away. It's weird because I'm turning 40 this year and I'm still single. I really don't know if there is a special guy I will be with...or if I will be single until Jesus comes back. I know there will be people reading this saying, "oh, you will find someone." And they may be right, but maybe it's God's will for me to be single...and if it is I really don't want to settle for a guy just because he's nice to me.

Last year, I made a "wish list." I'm praying for the guy that I'm wishing for...he may be getting a fine tuning by God, or he may really just not be out there...but I believe if he is, God will show me I've found him.

Pray that I will be patient during this time...that I will enjoy my singleness, because I do understand that relationships are about compromising and I will not always get my way. Right now I want to soak up my life experiences, but it would be nice to have that special guy to grow old with...

Until next time...