Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Somebody!

Well...The dreaded day is here. LOL! It's not that I HATE this day, it's just that it sometimes feels like a day that the commercialism made up to allow us single people that we are alone ... again.

Anyway...I thought I'd think about something positive today...and Mandisa is helping me. I really like this song that she sang featuring Tobymac..."Love Somebody." Even if you are alone this Valentine's Day you can still find someone to love and show that love to them. There may be someone who has lost their Valentine by death or other that that person that someone loves them. Or maybe you know someone who doesn't have a Valentine this year...invite them to dinner so they aren't celebrating alone. They may take you up on the invitation, or they may have other plans, but let them know that they are loved...Because God has commanded that we love one another.

Below is the song that is inspiring this post...enjoy!

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