Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Doxology

The "Doxology" is a song that is very special to my family. We sing it together at family gatherings before meals or before opening presents at Buckeye Christmas. IT's just one of those songs that totally helps a person to focus on the real reason we are gathering together. Even in our family situations, the reason we are able to gather together is because of God. So that simple little chorus is a great way to get our focus where it should be.

Tonight my friend Kat called me to let me know that she had talked with our Pastor about doing some contemporary worship music in our services every now and then. She was also checking into some other things to incorporate for those services as well as some VBS stuff.

Anyway, while I was checking out some worship music I found a "New Doxology." It was interesting because I love the regular Doxology, but when I found the "New Doxology" online at Youtube, I was really excited to hear it. It's just great when songs can be updated and still keep a good message.

Here is the video with words...

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