Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hold me Jesus...

My sister Leah just bought the Big Daddy Weave CD with "Hold Me Jesus" a cover of a song written by Rich Mullins. I really believe that God brought that song into my life again today to remind me that Jesus is there to hold me when things are going crazy and out of control.

Yesterday, I got a call from a good friend who's husband (Meredith Johnson) has been in the hospital for several weeks. She asked me to get some lyrics to a song that was very special to him. So I went home and got them for her and emailed them to her. She also had mentioned that she may ask me to sing them for him before they had planned to turn the machines off. I had written in the email that she just needed to call day or night and I would come.

Tonight around 7:15 I got the call to go by the hospital to sing. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't realize how hard until I was in the moment. I had downloaded that CD to my ipod and was listening to "Hold Me Jesus" all the way over to the hospital. I was fine, until I got there...that's when I really needed to have Jesus holding me. Meredith's daughter was there...and she is unsaved at this moment. God allowed me to say a few things and a few minutes later Cheryl and I were alone in the room with Meredith and she told me thanks for sharing. She said it was getting hard for her to know what to say in the situation...I seriously believe God gave me the words to say to encourage them during this time.

I think the line that I relate to is "Surrender don't come natural to me...I'd rather fight You for something I don't really want...Than to take what You give that I need..." I can't understand why I fight God for things that I really don't want...because He has given me what I need already. There is another line of how it's finally hitting home...

"And the Salvation Army band is playing this hymn...And Your grace rings out so deep...It makes my resistance seem so thin."

In the Big Daddy Weave version, they sing two lines from the hymn "I Surrender All" (which is one of my favorite hymns). When it's mixed with this song, it really makes it understandable...Jesus is just waiting with open arms for us to climb on His lap and just wait in His arms for those things to work out. When you surrender all...our resistance is thin and we can allow Jesus to be our Prince of Peace. That's where I am now...resting and allow Jesus to hold me.

May you rest in Jesus' arms...The Prince of Peace.

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