Friday, March 12, 2010

A rough week...

It has been a very rough week for me...but one thing I can say is that God's strength is what has gotten me through it. Last Saturday night, I was asked to go to the hospital to sing for a man who was dying. I didn't make it through the song at all. I cried as those who were saying goodbye to a very special man in their life. It was a difficult situation, but as mentioned in my last post, I believe it was Jesus holding me through it.

Sunday was a long day, just because it was Sunday. With me being the custodian, I am there early for both services and usually stay late for both of them too. I ended up staying during the board meeting as I was getting the church ready for the funeral. It wasn't too bad, but I did run the vacuum and got the communion table moved. Monday I was going to bowl out for the week, because I was going to be working that night for Jessica, but ended up working for her on Monday night instead. She was able to get off on Thursday, so I didn't have to miss bowling. Since working Monday it was just really a tiring day.

Tuesday after work, I got off work and went to the church to get ready for the funeral. I got the sound system on so it could be playing music as the family visited. I also changed and got ready to sing again. I would be singing the same song for the funeral. With many prayers being lifted for me, God provided the strength to sing without crying. It was a beautiful service...with very good memories and stories of this amazing man who was very special to our church family. He will be missed.

Wednesday is pretty busy for me as when I leave work I usually head straight to church to get ready for Bible study. It was a good Bible study...another lesson about the demand of knowing you are saved. Knowing for sure that you are trusting in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Thursday, I began to feel very tired and as the day went the worse I felt. I went to bowl anyway and didn't do well at all. I had not even gotten my average the first game.

This morning I woke up with a sore throat and coughing and sneezing. I didn't have a fever, but my voice was a little hoarse. As the work day went, my voice cleared a little, but then towards the evening, it began to get hoarse again. My friend Kat emailed me and asked if I wanted her to sing for me this Sunday morning, so we are changing days to sing. I will take her evening during mission conference and she will take my morning. I'm thankful to have friends who are willing to fill in when I'm unable to fulfill my duties.

Tonight, I went shopping. I needed to get a new pair of work shoes. I got some sketchers on sale, then I got a pair of shoes for working out on sale too. I also bought my swimsuit for the beach. It's cute. I was pleased with it. I'd like to have gotten the shorts I saw too, but denied myself.'s getting late and my eyes are getting tired...I think the cold is setting in for the evening. Until next time...

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