Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is my pursuit??

In September of 2008, I wrote about a renown Christian artist who "came out of the closet." I know, we as Christians are not perfect and we all have sins that we commit. I know that there are people living openly in sin and will say that we Christians who stand against their lifestyle choices are sinning too. We eat foods that they didn't eat in the Bible times, we wear clothes with different blends of fabric. Most of us have weight we need to lose, so when I write this blog, I realize I am not a perfect person. I'm not writing this as a judgement on others and not seeing my own life and the areas where I fail as a Christian.

I personally believe that we are to pursue a life of who seeks to be in God's presence. Tonight, after hearing the news of former Christian recording artist Jennifer Knapp confirming she is living in a lesbian relationship, I heard an incredible message to push me to pursue the things of God. I know had I heard the news yesterday when someone could have told me about them, I would have been frustrated and read as many articles as I could to verify what she has said was true...and I had done research to an extent this evening, but instead of being SO ENGROSSED in it...I stopped myself and focused on the service that I was attending tonight.

I believe that God allowed me to hear this news tonight before the sermon from a preacher from Alabama because God wanted my focus on Him...not on what was happening in the news. Not on the people who I have looked up to who have fallen away from Him...He wants me focused on just HIM! He wants my pursuit to be HIM! If I am pursuing God...then my life will display holiness.

The question in tonight's message was "What is your pursuit?" Simply put...question. Answer is not as simple. If your answer is your life showing it? For example...what is your conversation? Where does your time go? How do you spend your money? Look at your life...ask these questions, then you will find your pursuit.

It's interesting that I heard this message tonight...I walked into church frustrated with the news of a fallen hero...I walked out of church with my eyes on the perfect hero...JESUS! He's the one I need to be pursuing...He is what I want my life to show that I'm pursuing.

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