Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 more days...

I missed yesterday blog post because when I got home I just didn't want to get on the computer. I didn't even check my facebook account. Anyway, my birthday celebration at Fat Patty's on Sunday night was so much fun. Our waiter was really nice. My friend Mary bought me a sash and crown to wear during dinner. I had a really good time. I put the stuff on and sat there and didn't care who saw. One of the other waiters came up to say happy birthday and then asked how old I was. All my friends love this question and they replied "How old do you think she is?" He got this look like, do I really have to answer, but he said late 20's, I think it was 27. I told him I was going to be 40 this Thursday. Our waiter got this shocked look on his face it was priceless. The other guy just said, "Man you are old!" I teased him and said, that I was offended, and asked for his manager, who came over and was surprised at my age too. The waiters all came over to sing happy birthday to me. The guy was still trying to dig out of the whole and said, "DeeJay is celebrating her 29th birthday." I just smiled. LOL!!! It was really a nice celebration. My friends there got me a couple of gifts. Gigi got me a photo album for the beach trip. I have already got a few scrapbooking things ready for it. Mary got me a mug and Ben and Kat are purchasing "Valentine's Day" for me. I am looking forward to seeing that movie again. The others were not able to make it with us...it was kinda last minute, but it was really nice to celebrate.

Yesterday was a crazy day at work...we had a lot of walkin's for drug screens for work. It was really busy. After work, I went with Kat to get some summer clothes for her. She saved some money too. We ate at Moe's afterward.

I came home and got some stuff done here, and then went to bed. Not really too exciting.

Until tomorrow...

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