Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 days to go...

Well...there are 5 more days until the BIG 4-0...I think we have finally made the decision of my birthday celebration with friends. As of now, the plans are to go to Fat Patty's after church on Sunday, May I work 12 hours on Saturday and Friday not everyone is able to go. There will be one person who won't be able to make it at all, but we usually have dinner together on Wednesday before church.

Today began with working on VBS stuff. I really didn't get a lot done today...not sure why. But I did get the paper labeled and where it needed to go in the Sanctuary for the back drop. I hope to get started on the back drops the week after we get back from the beach. I will have to get my painting completed before the final work week as I will have family in town and will probably be very busy with those in town.

Also today I have been going through my beach attire. Making sure I have everything that needs to be packed on a list. I have also been putting clothes in the closets and drawers. There is still some more work that needs to be completed, so I better head back there to finish it.

Until the countdown continues.

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