Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 days to the BIG 4-0!

So...I know I just wrote about being blue...possibly due to my birthday, but I still am excited about turning 40...sorta. I think it's more because I don't look 40, but I'm gonna write a blog for each day as a count down.

Tonight I was working on VBS decorations. My job tonight was aging our scroll paper for the memory verses to hang in the Sanctuary. You would be surprised at how many songs I was singing about fire tonight. I was hyped up on Mountain Dew freeze that probably wasn't helping. Plus I think the paper we were burning was causing some weird smells too. LOL!!!

Friends are also in the process of getting my birthday celebrations plans in concrete. We really aren't sure what we are doing or when, because I actually work on Saturday after my birthday for 12 hours at the clinic. If it wasn't for us having to fill-in for both 12 hour shift girls I wouldn't have to work, but we are short one 12 hour person already and the other one is on vacation for 14 days. I really miss her.

So until tomorrow...

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