Sunday, June 20, 2010


Surprise! My friends are an amazing group of friends. Last month I turned 40. Since we were short handed for work, I had accidently volunteered to work on the day they were planning to celebrate my party. Well...tonight was the night. We had made plans of going to see the A-Team tonight. Mary was going to come by to pick me up as she was "supposed to have Ben work on her laptop." Well...she picked me up and we went to Ben and Kat's. On the front door was a picture of Jacob (shirtless) and Bella. It was from a calendar. They had stuck a sticker on it that had a line from New Moon.

I took the picture off and thought that is sweet...she must have known that I would like this picture. We walked in the house and I saw that the stairs were covered with plastic black table clothes with apples on the stairs. I made a comment to Mary "what in the world..." she said, "go on up." By then I had seen Mechele and Renee and possibly Kat and Ginger. They all said in unison "You don't know how long I've been waiting for you...Surprise!" I seriously was surprised...I looked around and saw Mechele, Renee, Kat, Ginger, Dave and Ben waiting for me...a great group of friends. They had a cake table and some snacks. They had the movie soundtrack playing with Rob Patterson's song and the movie New Moon in the DVD player. It was very special and really shocked me. I went over and they were telling me how they had kept it from me and finally I said, "so we aren't going to see the A-Team?" Ben grinned and said, "this is it." I thought to myself you all are great, but I want to see Bradley Cooper. And they realized it, but they all decided to go with me. It was really neat to have them there. We had some good food and then we went to Pullman to see the movie. I have to say, since my friend Carrie met Bradley in New York and said, that he smelled REALLY good...that's all I could think about when I watched the movie. That is very distracting...nothing like a great smelling man.

I want to thank my wonderful group of friends for throwing me the surprise party. It was very special and I know that God has brought them in my life to walk with me along this path.

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